This month in running – It’s no surprise to me, I am my own worst enemy.

Happy Friday! It has been FOREVER since I wrote anything at all. Yesterday's run inspired me though. It felt like spring and my legs felt that they HAD spring, so it got me thinking a bit. I have races to run! First, it'll be the Holiday Lake 50k (25k for me, thanks) coming up next …


This Week in Running – Flip the Switch

With all of this work I'm putting in, I feel like a couple of switches flipped. The first switch is related to getting used to this increased volume, or "building my base". The 6 days of running a week are feeling more normal. The track workout once a week is feeling more normal. My body and my mind are in training mode now.

The second switch is related to another way that ramping up for this training has effected me. I AM HUNGRY. I've been eating everything in site. I'll admit that I've cut back on some things (sweets and alcohol), but nothing is cut out. My meals have been HUGE and I always seem to have room for more. It's kinda fun.