Shiny New (to me) Things – Runner’s World Half and Festival

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a dooooozy of a week, but the good times will soon begin. If you've been reading, you know that I'm in chill mode right now (does anybody say chill mode?) when it comes to running. I'm kinda sorta getting ready for my upcoming races in April, but running fast isn't all that appealing to me right now. I've been content with my running, but sometimes there's a fine line between being content and being bored. Something new would probably help...enter the Runner's World Half and Festival!


This Week in Running – Everything Zen

Happy Sunday! It was frosty cold this morning after a few days of muggy magic, so now I don't trust groundhogs anymore. It's so strange how just one warm weather run can make it so hard to going back to the cold. This week in running was a modest total of 21.4 miles. I'm taking …