This Week in Running – We can’t run ALL the races, can we?

Hey hey, it's Saturday! I finished up a great run this morning (more about that later), but while I was out running alone the whole TOWN was living it up at the Virginia 10 miler. I had some FOMO issues, but I chose to miss the race for several reasons. Such is life. I had run the Lynchburg Half Marathon a few weeks ago and I'm saving myself for the big event, the Runner's World Half & Festival Grand Slam! I seriously can't believe I'll be running that one in 3 weeks!


Product Review – Nuun Rest, Runners…Rest Easy

Hello and happy Tempo Thursday to you, my friends. I'm in the middle of another summer-ish week of running that has had its good days and its bad ones, but they'll be more about that later. Today I'm focusing on a product review, because trying things is awesome. Nuun Rest is a Nutrient-Rich, Relaxation & Recovery drink tablet (you get 10 per tube). It's enhanced with magnesium, tart cherry extract and potassium, which promote a more restful night of sleep. Mix with 4-6 oz. of hot or cold water and enjoy. I personally think it's meant to be hot.

This Week in Running – The Regret of Quitting on Yourself

It's Labor Day weekend! That means I get to avoid the feeling of the weekend slipping away on Sunday afternoon, since it's kinda sorta Saturday afternoon. 🙂 My vacation seriously messed with my running/training, so I ended up running a 10 mile long run on a Monday. Who does something like that (beside you, Alissa)??? I'll …