This Week in Running – Vert does in fact, hurt.

Hello! I hope you've had a great weekend! You may remember that I had this shirt made a few weeks ago. Well, it's a lie. VERT DOES HURT.           Things are ramping up quickly as I get ready for race season. I feel like I'm doing it all with speed work, …

This Week in Running – Some runs can make or break you

Hello and Happy Sunday! I've finished up my 5th week of marathon training and woah was it a doozy (doozy is SUCH a dad word, so I'm gonna own it). I'll recap the week in training, but most of this post is about just one of the runs. My long run this week was something …

This Week in Running – Learning the true definition of hills

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I find myself sitting in a cozy chair with a cozy cup of coffee after a 7 mile run where my legs feel better after I'm done than they did before I started. I guess recovery miles or shake-outs are real after all. Hill: a natural elevation of the earth's surface, smaller than a mountain. an incline, especially in a road:This old jalopy won't make it up the next hill. an artificial heap, pile, or mound:a hill made by ants. a small mound of earth raised about a cultivated plant or a cluster of such plants. Above is what I found when I looked for the definition of the word "hill". When it comes to running, I don't think that any of these accurately portray the meaning. I'll try mine: The portion of a run where lungs burn, legs fatigue and goals die.

This Week in Running – Flip the Switch

With all of this work I'm putting in, I feel like a couple of switches flipped. The first switch is related to getting used to this increased volume, or "building my base". The 6 days of running a week are feeling more normal. The track workout once a week is feeling more normal. My body and my mind are in training mode now. The second switch is related to another way that ramping up for this training has effected me. I AM HUNGRY. I've been eating everything in site. I'll admit that I've cut back on some things (sweets and alcohol), but nothing is cut out. My meals have been HUGE and I always seem to have room for more. It's kinda fun.

The Shamrock Dolphin Challenge – Challenge…Accepted.

Hey there! It's Friday afternoon and I'm watching a movie with my family while also doing a little blogging. 🙂 I'm in the middle of marathon training week 2 and feeling a little dead legged. I have a 14 miler tomorrow, so I don't see that feeling getting any better. Coach Brooke says it's good for me, so I'll suck it up, Buttercup. Some of my best races have been in the middle of marathon training, so lucky for me I was given the chance to sign up and be a part of the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon weekend in Virginia Beach! I'll be running both the TowneBank Shamrock 8k AND the Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon, aka The Dolphin Challenge. The plan is to use the 8k for a casual stroll on Saturday and then break 1:30 on Sunday. That would be a PR.

Looking Ahead – 2020 Vision

Happy New Year! NYE was a low key effect at the Birnschein house. Jen, Kayli and I did made it to midnight. We realize that we are getting out of touch by all of the performers and people that we didn't know. Fun... I'm spending this morning getting my thoughts out here while drinking a strong cup o' Joe. There's a 5k race at 10:30 this morning that I'm not particularly excited about, but we'll get it done. The race directors tried something new with this one that I don't love all that much with the age groups. In an effort to have an equal amount of competitors in each group, the groups are rearranged and out came a 20-41 age group. What??? I'm 41, so I guess I'll have a tough go in trying to place today haha.

Product Review – Aftershokz Aeropex Headphones, Safe and (Amazing) Sound (plus a contest to enter!)

The holiday season is upon us and the time seems to be FLYING by! It's kinda sad when I don't seem to have enough time because it makes getting ready for Christmas more of a to-do list than something to enjoy. I'm hoping this weekend will have me on track so that I can take a little time to just be happy and not so Charlie Brown. (Clearly I started this post days ago, but I'm gonna leave it. I DID end up happy and not so Charlie Brown!) Of course I ALWAYS make time for running and often when I run there is music involved. Luckily, my good friends at Aftershokz and BibRave hooked me up with some headphones to try out and review.