Tell Me What you Want, What you Really Really Want

Hello and good morning! I didn't plan on posting anything today, but I have stuff on the brain and I need advice. My post title song will probably be in my head (and your heads) all day now. I hope I don't sing it where I can be heard. The reason for today's title is …


This Week in Running – Go to a Happy Place

Good morning and Happy Friday! Something is seriously wrong with me. My family is out of town and I don't have work today, yet I woke up just before 5am, felt pretty rested and couldn't go back to sleep. Bleh. The title of this week's post is from one of my favorite movies and is …

Product Review – Oofos Sport Sandals, Riding On Cloud 9 (or Cloud 12 if your feet are my size)

Sport sandals? I had no idea there was such a thing, but IT IS. Upon further review, it turns out that not all sandals are created equal (although I knew those $5 Old Navy flip flops were pretty bad). I've had the some old sandals for quite some time (10 years, now that I think about it. Wow.), so the opportunity to test and talk about Oofos was a blessing to my feet.