This Week in Running – The Regret of Quitting on Yourself

It’s Labor Day weekend! That means I get to avoid the feeling of the weekend slipping away on Sunday afternoon, since it’s kinda sorta Saturday afternoon. 🙂

My vacation seriously messed with my running/training, so I ended up running a 10 mile long run on a Monday. Who does something like that (beside you, Alissa)??? I’ll admit that it messed with my mojo a little.

Tuesday I slept off the hangover that was my redeye flight and Wednesday I stayed committed to kettlebells.

Thursday I went out with a few of the gang for a 5 miler that would have been easy, not for a one mile “wake up mile” as I’d call it. I really needed to remember what it felt like to get moving again after a vacation. It really helps!

Friday drove me crazy. I didn’t feel physically or mentally prepared for the upcoming Lynchburg Half Marathon and I kept leaning toward either a 2-3 mile easy run or a rest day. I ultimately chose a twosy.

Now for race day. The Lynchburg Half Marathon. I’ve gone on the record as stating that I don’t love this race (although the organizers did a GREAT job this year). It’s the timing. The course is challenging both mentally and physically. It’s always in the middle of August and it’s always deadly hot and humid. I just don’t wanna run it. I think I’ve run it 6 times and I think I’ve somewhat blown up in 4 of them. That being said, it’s the final race of our local race series and I wasn’t about to miss it.

Here’s the thing…. It doesn’t look like I had a bad race. I finished in 1:36:25 and that’s less than 30 seconds from my course PR (more about THAT later). I finished 1st in my AG (thanks to Robbie killing that Master’s spot). On the surface, it seems that I should be happy.

I suppose this is gonna come off as “awwww booo hoooo, you could have done better…couldn’t we all?” I get that. It’s just hard for me to know that I quit on myself. I just didn’t want it badly enough. Math isn’t my specialty when I’m exhausted from a long, hot run, but I knew my course PR was within reach. With under 2 miles to go, I had it in the bag, so long as I just didn’t quit. I quit. The miles didn’t need to be particularly fast, I just needed to keep going. I didn’t.

Walking (hiking, in the trail community) got easier the more I did it. Saddest part is that the breaks didn’t make me feel any better really. I just did it anyway. So yeah, I know I’m whining about a fairly successful race, but it stings to know that I wasn’t willing to give what I had to. I could take it far better if I knew that I just couldn’t do it, but I’m certain I could have. Soft.

Image result for soft gif
Kobe wouldn’t have tolerated my behavior.


So anywho, let’s end this on a little more of a positive note with a smiley picture and a look at my sweet AG award coaster (I love practical awards!).


One more thing…shoutout to my friend Shonda for a great 5k! She’s new to running but catching on SUPER quickly. She ran a PR yesterday and finished 5th overall and 2nd AG! I’m excited for her running future. 🙂

Ok, NOW I’m done. Thanks for reading and letting me whine.




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