This Week in Running – Everything Zen

Happy Sunday! It was frosty cold this morning after a few days of muggy magic, so now I don’t trust groundhogs anymore. It’s so strange how just one warm weather run can make it so hard to going back to the cold.

This week in running was a modest total of 21.4 miles. I’m taking a really relaxed approach to getting ready for my April races. I have a plan written, but I haven’t really followed it AT ALL. I’m cool with that. I know I’ll finish and right now that’s enough for me.

The truth is, life can be pretty overwhelming at times without adding to it by using a training plan that YOU MUST OBEY. This year has been crazy at times. There’s always some deadline, or some task, or somewhere to be. Many times when we get something done, there’s something ready to replace it.

I did do some fast running. On Tuesday, I ran a 6:50 mile to see how it felt. It felt awful haha. I met up with friends halfway through the run and planning to not run fast anymore. I joined Alissa for some 30 second all out intervals. Those hurt, but in a good way.

Wednesday morning I did one measly mile on the manual treadmill (have I mentioned that those things are TOUGH?) before a heavy workout. I’m getting stronger, which I hope leads to getting faster. I’m noticing improvement in my functional movement and that’s a big step.

Thursday was running and coffee, always a winning combination. It felt a bit like spring to me. I can’t sweat for the days where I’m sweating before we even start running. I’ll have to make it an iced coffee soon.

Saturday was a hilly afternoon run around my neighborhood. The route makes exactly a 10k and I think it would be a great race course. I’d have home field advantage too! I did really well, especially since I was a bit worn out. I’m getting old and I can’t play late on Friday night like I used to.


The run went REALLY well, but I had to work harder indeed. I climbed quite a few hills. I was really happy that I got it done.

This morning’s run was magically good. Several of us met up at 6am for 6 relatively easy and flat miles. The conversation was great and the pace was comfortable. I wore tights (so that people know I’m serious about my run). The cold was back with a vengeance, but I was appropriately dressed. Only Sam had the courage to wear shorts, I think. Some of us kept on trucking with hill repeats, but the non-crazy people went for coffee!

It WAS coffee….this time.

Speaking of coffee, I got a milk frother and it’s changing my life! I feel like a fool for not having bought one years ago but it’s never too late. Now all I need to do is learn how to draw something fancy on the foam. 🙂

Sunday morning runs are therapeutic at times. I’m really glad they are back. We have a good group of people. Some like to talk (me), some like to listen. We share joy. We air grievances. We have fun. May you all have your Sunday Rundays!




9 Replies to “This Week in Running – Everything Zen”

  1. The truth is, life can be pretty overwhelming at times without adding to it by using a training plan that YOU MUST OBEY. – First things first, this conjured up the image of Gandalf in LOTR saying “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”. Ok nerd moment aside, that is the primary reason I can’t adhere to a set training plan. I have to be able to adjust based on weather, what I’m in the mood for, if other events come up, etc. I hardcore admire people who can take an X number of week training plan and follow it to the T.

    Sunday morning group runs really are great. Unfortunately I’ve missed the past 2 ones due to wanting to go to church. The church posts the upcoming sermon topics and they were ones I didn’t want to miss. Church starts at 10 and my running group tends to meet at 9 so there’s no way I can get in their run (usually at least 6 miles) and get home to shower in time to go. That said I’ll likely be skipping church more in April to make the Sunday group runs if I hope to keep up my long miles to run a half marathon in May!

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      1. I don’t think myself or at least one other member could handle a 6am start time. I can roll out of bed at that hour but I’m definitely not functioning to run for at least an hour. Normally they run at 8 which I could probably pull off but with the cold temps lately they’ve pushed it to 9. Once spring arrives I may be able to tackle both.

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    1. I got it from Bed Bath and Beyond. It’s just a cheap battery powered frother that I got for $15. Of course I used a coupon 😂

      Brand name is Aerolatte. My co-workers are giving me so much crap for using it but I DON’T CARE. 😀

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