This Month in Running – I’m all about (maintaining) that base…

Hello and good evening to ya. It seems like it’s been a long time since I posted something just because I felt like it, so here we are!

For months now, we runners have been waiting for our chance to get back to training for our main events. I’ve run a few virtual races and although I enjoy them, there’s ZERO chance that I’m going to run a virtual marathon. I already run out of motivation for actual marathons when I run them, so the virtual version would likely be disastrous.

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Virtual marathon me…

We really don’t know when marathons will be a thing again. Small town marathons will likely start happening first. The big city races are likely to be months away. Since I can’t tell you when my next marathon might be, I can only tell you this… I WILL BE READY.

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This brings us to the title of my post. I want to make sure that I can be ready when we finally do get that green light. That is why I’m MAINTAINING MY BASE.

I figure if I continue to run 30-40 mile weeks with a tempo here and there plus a long run every weekend of 10-12 miles, I’ll be ready to start a solid 16-18 week training plan, or even an aggressive 12 week training plan. I think this is good for me overall. I’m not stressed about hitting numbers, but it gives me a sense of purpose to push through some tough miles.

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We don’t have much on the calendar right now, but oh we will. Think about where you want to be when races come. πŸ™‚



12 Replies to “This Month in Running – I’m all about (maintaining) that base…”

  1. Good plan! Is it sad though that your weekly mileage is higher than mine when I actually am training for two half marathons?!? My highest mileage week was last week with a 14 mile run, a 4 mile run and a 6 mile run… I’m definitely a 3 day a week runner even when hardcore training!

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  2. This sounds like a solid plan! I am signed up for the virtual Boston and am so nervous- the last few miles of marathons for me are usually solely fueled by adrenaline from the end-of-race energy. It’s going to be tough to it without that, especially in this Texas heat. That’s the only virtual I will ever do though!

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