This Week in Running – I feel like a newborn…

Hello! You. Yes, you. I’m talking to YOU. That seems a bit intense, this is an easy going blog.

This week has marked the first official week of my marathon training for 2020 and it has been SO exciting. I really appreciated the time that I had over the last few months just running for the enjoyment of running (and the post-run coffee of course!). It was nice to do what felt good with regards to distance and pacing. It was also nice to be able to say yes to any running plans that came up. šŸ™‚

Now here we are…week 1. Sweet, sweet structure. Track work. Tempos. Hills. Long runs. Repeat.

Rocky 4 Sled
Training looks FUN, right???

Running for fun sounds way more…well….FUN. That seems obvious, but there’s something REALLY fun about training! It’s a different kind of fun of course, but it’s still fun. This week so far I’ve had a track workout, some 1/4 mile speed work on some hills (up AND down) and a couple of easy ones too! I actually have a coach this time around (thanks Coach Brooke!). She’s been great so far in getting me started and talking about how we’re going to mentally and physically prepare for what’s ahead. She’s been running with me too and that helps. šŸ™‚

I stumbled into a GREAT post about marathons from a runner named Peter Bromka. Peter became better known when he missed an Olympic Trial Qualifier by 2 seconds. Yes, TWO. Any of us that have ever chased a goal and know the sadness of missing it can take that sadness and multiply it by 1,000. Anyway, the post isn’t about that particular race, but it’s really good and you can check it out here.

It feels pretty great to have this passion for training and improving back. A couple of months from now when I’m running on dead legs I’m sure I’ll be griping a little more, but I’m gonna ride this high as long as I can. So for now, I feel like a newborn. šŸ™‚

One other piece of awesomeness… I had a shirt made for my Blue Ridge training. I think it captures the positivity (not a word?) that I need to maintain with regards to hills. Do you like it?

Right now, Vert does hurt a little.







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