This Week in Running – Big Weekends and Rookie Mistakes

Hello! It’s Sunday night and I’m doing my best not to go to sleep and let my work week begin. I’m actually recapping a running week at the end of it, as opposed to the middle of the next week. Hooray for structure!

Monday was 6 miles with my work running group! It was good to see my running buddies, but running at 5:30pm has to be the dumbest time anybody can run. It was miserable. It sure didn’t help that I got my butt kicked in the lunchtime kettlebell class.


Image result for soccer butt injury gif
This is accurate.

Track Tuesday was 6x800m of suffering. Brooke and I did pretty well though. I even got my last one under 3 minutes! Humidity was in full force. I’m not doing a track workout this week. I need a break from all that.

Wednesday was a workout with weights and no running. I’m REALLY loving the weights. I’m still getting stronger and that’s gonna pay off on those hills and those sprints!

Tempo Thursday was a good one! I had company and that sure helps. We are still bad at pacing. I was shooting for a 7:10 to 7:20 pace, but broke 6:50 on one of the miles. Oopsie donkey.

Friday was a rest day and BOY OH BOY did I need it! Hard runs are hard enough without a constant heat down (see what I did there?).

So about this “big weekend” stuff… Saturday I got in a great 8 miles with some great runners. We tackled some of the half marathon course (it’s rough). I managed to be a grown up and not stay up too late or drink too many beers. Surprisingly, that made a difference!

Sunday was 10 miles with Brooke, MC and Emily. The weather was awful, but the conversation and pace were good.

I had an 18 mile weekend and a near 36 mile week! These were a big deal for me. We are making progress. 🙂

So about this “rookie mistakes” stuff… there was chafing. I didn’t do nearly enough to prepare for the miles and the weather. It was bad. I didn’t cry in the shower, but I whimpered a little.

Image result for cry in the shower

I’m excited about the progress this month! We are doing big things.

13 Replies to “This Week in Running – Big Weekends and Rookie Mistakes”

  1. That first gif is something else! Literally blowing smoke up his ass lol.
    What pisses me off about chafing is how random it seems to be. Clothing that has never given me a problem will just decide to cause massive chafing one day. Why must it betray me like that!


  2. A kettlebell class sounds so intense! I just stay away from those to be safe, haha. Under 3 mins for a 6 x 800x is insane. HOW. Oh, and good convos always make up for bad weather. Hope you are having a great weekend!

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