Sonic BOOM! Product Review – UA HOVR Sonics

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Under Armour’s HOVR Sonic running shoes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro(ambassador) and check out to review find and write race reviews!

In my current injured state, thoroughly reviewing shoes as well as I’d like to has turned out to be quite a challenge. However, Under Armour running shoes and I have quite a history.

I was at a packet pickup/health expo for the 2009 San Diego RnR Marathon (my first marathon) and UA was just getting started with their entry into the running shoe market. They had me try on a pair and give my first impression, in exchange for a pair of socks and 50% off of 3 items. Sweet deal!

I ended up using that sweet deal to get a pair of UA Mirages. They were quite different from anything that I would run in now. They were EXTREMELY comfortable, but they were heavy and bulky (over 13 ounces, I think). I looked back to find them in race photos and turns out I wore them quite a bit. This was before I even knew to track how many miles I’d put on my shoes. I really didn’t know anything, other than RUNNING WAS AWESOME.

The Mirages at Richmond Marathon and Lynchburg Half Marathon. I must have loved them!

I dabbled in all kinds of shoes after that, mostly sticking to the light and minimal types. UA introduced their SpeedForm Apollo line and although they weren’t the trendy minimal type shoe, they were pretty light and had excellent “road feel”. I wore them for anything from speed work to half marathons.

They are retired, but I still wear them. Who doesn’t want blue and silver shoes?

I followed those up with the UA SpeedForm Apollo 2s. They did not disappoint. They had everything I liked about the first ones, but with all of the right tweaks to improve them. There’s nothing worse than changes to a model just to make changes. UA seemed to listen to comments and only work on what needed work. I still run in these. They might be my favorite shoe of all time.

The SpeedForm Apollo 2s after a half marathon. Yeah, it was a PR!

I was SUPER excited to have a chance to test out a brand new line of UA running shoes in the HOVR Sonics. Unfortunately, a torn achilles has kept me from really breaking them in. Not only was I going to get to test out the shoes, but also how the shoes work with the MapMyRun app to provide some much desired data to feed my inner runner nerd.

Sadly, it was a big ol’ goose egg for my total miles. My time will come though.

First Impression

I may not have been able to run in these, but I could certainly walk around the house in them and dream. My initial impression was that they have a fit very similar to what I liked about the SpeedForm Apollos. I don’t think any shoe company makes a better fitting heel than UA. I also love the way the tongue wraps firmly around my foot. The treads have an impressive amount of grip and traction and all of these things are great, but what I really like is that THEY LOOK COOL. Who says running shoes can’t look cool? Not Under Armour.

I was SO EXCITED to finally take these to the gym.

A workout at the gym isn’t exactly a run, but it was enough to make me pretty happy. I felt confident that I’d be able to point out any The Sonics might have. I found them to be as light as my old favorite Apollos 2s (the Sonics weigh 9.6oz), but with noticeably more cushioning, or at least BETTER cushioning. According to UA’s website:

  • UA HOVR® technology provides ‘zero gravity feel’ to maintain energy return that helps eliminate impact step after step
  • Compression mesh Energy Web contains & molds UA HOVR® foam to give back the energy you put in

There are certain aspects to the Sonics that I wish I could provide more insight on but won’t be able to until I get some miles on them (durability, responsiveness, etc.). I have quite a bit of faith in UA products, as they’ve proven to me time and time again that they do their homework with shoes and apparel.

It’s nice to have these waiting for me when I finally get the green light to pound the pavement again. Until then…

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11 Replies to “Sonic BOOM! Product Review – UA HOVR Sonics”

  1. I feel like it’s a good thing, for products and things like BibRave, to sometimes have injured runners review the products. Sure you’re not logging tons of miles in the shoes, but not everyone who buys UA shoes is going to buy them for running- good shoes are important for walking and daily use too. A lot of people wear “running shoes” for jobs where they’re on their feet bc they need that cushioning and durability.

    Those shoes look awesome… I’ve never had UA shoes but have had quite a few of the clothes.

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  2. I’ve worn a pair of UAs (actually got them doing a product review back in the day – I’ve been blogging for a long ass time lol) and til then did not even know they made shoes. They weren’t my fave for running. I think they’re better as a cross training type of shoe. But, everyone’s foot and running journey is different. I like their leggings though!

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  3. I love Under Armour’s running clothes, but I doubt I’ll ever try their shoes. Nothing against them — it’s just the last time I tried anything other than New Balances, I wound up in a walking boot to treat tendinitis. But I agree, those do look really cool! Syncing with a running app is an interesting feature too.

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    1. I get being loyal to the brand that works. I was a total Saucony guy for a while. I’ve kind of taken the approach that a rotation in a variety of shoes can help with preventing nagging soreness and injury. I say that as I’m injured haha (it was BASKETBALL’S fault).

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      1. Ha! Stupid cross training. I agree switching up shoes is a great idea. I always have a couple different models of NBs I alternate. Too nervous to try a different brand at this point though!

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