Post Achilles Surgery Week 10 (almost) – All we Need is Just a Little Patience

Good morning! Today’s post title is brought to you by and band that anyone within 10 years of my age better know. It’s also VERY fitting for how I’m currently feeling.

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My recovery is going REALLY well, like TOO well. I’m getting very eager and excited. The beautiful weather certainly isn’t helping a bit. It was easy not to miss running when I saw my friends all bundled up and when they’d show up to coffee with frost bite and sad stories. The times they are a changin.

All of the things that I’m doing that aren’t running are starting to pay off a bit. I’m getting stronger. My core strength and balance are getting better. I’m most definitely going to do many of the things that I’m doing now once I can run again. I’m really looking forward to testing some of these improvements out on the track too! That’s a long way from now though.


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Ironically, this injury is costing me roughly $6 million.


The range of motion is coming back to my foot/ankle area. The pain and swelling are dying down. I can walk semi-normally again! PT is really an amazing thing. I prefer the parts of PT where I get to lie down and get treated with ice, heat and rub downs. Unfortunately, there are pain and work involved. I just remind myself that with the work and the pain comes progress.

I’m still not cleared to do much along the lines of cardio machines, other than the ol’ armbike and riding a stationary bike at a low resistance. I’ve been BEGGING to row or do the elliptical and those will come soon. I’m starting on some kettlebells (dead lifts and swings) and plan to hit the pool on Friday.

I’ll finally get to bust out my Phelps face.


My PTs are really great at what they do. They have a plan for me. They’ve told me how well things are going but that they can’t let that influence how fast they allow me to progress. Recovering from this injury takes time…and patience.





8 Replies to “Post Achilles Surgery Week 10 (almost) – All we Need is Just a Little Patience”

  1. Your PTs sound like some smart, great people. There’s quite a lot of leg involved in rowing so I’m not surprised there. I’m so glad you are doing so well and feeling so great! The time is ticking by quickly, from the outside looking in. You are getting so close! #teamburnshine

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  2. Glad you’re feeling so good you’re chomping at the bit to get on some kind of cardio machine, but you’re also smart enough to listen to your PT and hold off just a little bit longer. It’ll be worth the wait!

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