This Week in Running – A pretty good 5k, but what if?

Happy Saturday, everyone! I spent my afternoon at a birthday party getting baked in the sun and now it’s time to relax and get some thoughts out. First, let me thank my good friend and runemy #1 Robbie for “donating” a fairly new pair of Hoka Bondi 6s to me. They are hefty, but are going to make a GREAT long run/recovery shoe. 🙂

Thanks, Robbie!

I took it fairly easy all week, with the Virginia State Games 5k coming up. I subbed out a track workout for a semi-tempo on Monday, hit the treadmill (cause it was TOO WET) for 4 easy on Tuesday and a short tempo on Thursday. I think that I was fairly smart about what I did to prepare for race day. I even took one day off from cross-training!

The only thing that I didn’t do right was out of my hands. My church had a softball tournament the night before the race, so I played a couple of softball games and then went right to bed. Softball isn’t the toughest of sports, but I definitely did my share of sweating and had a few sprints around the bases. My biggest problem is that I don’t sleep that well after night time activities.

Race day morning was pretty decent weather for the middle of July. There was a TON of competition for this one. Everybody showed up. That at least took my mind off of Master’s and placed my focus on age group. I was feeling pretty good and I liked my chances to take the gold.

Out of the gate, I felt pretty good! The first mile had some downhill to it and I took advantage with a 6:17 mile. Maybe I shouldn’t have looked at my watch. The big climb took a bit out of me and I started to really lose steam shortly after that. Robbie kept right on rolling. I tried to keep him within “striking distance”, but he didn’t let up one bit. I beat him on the last one, so that just seems to be the natural order of things.

I basically just hung on for the 2nd half of the race. I feel comfortable running fast now, but throw in some hills and I’m toast. I have work to do. I even ended up walking for about 10-15 seconds on a hill. How embarrassing.


I can’t complain too much though. I came in at 20:21, which was good enough for top 20 overall and 2nd in my AG. I’m getting closer to being back at sub 20, which is a big deal to me. 21 seconds isn’t much. It made me ask myself….What if?

  • What if I’d have not played softball the night before?
  • What if I’d have skipped out on beers for a couple of weeks before race day?
  • What if I’d have gotten a good 8 hours of sleep all week long?
  • What if I’d have skipped the sweets and goodies?

I’m not bringing all this up to make excuses. My point is that there’s a trade-off with how much I choose to be committed to running and training. I’ve always believed in balance and trying to be the best runner that I can while also making life decisions that bring me joy. It’s not always easy. I always wonder what I “could” do if I were to give more of myself to racing, but I seem unwilling to find out. Maybe it’s time I give a full(er) commitment a try for a while and see what happens. I’m a little tired of the “what if” stuff.

Love these simple medals and I won the hat. Thanks Riverside Runners!





16 Replies to “This Week in Running – A pretty good 5k, but what if?”

  1. That’s a really cool medal for a 5K!

    I do think there are way too many “wha-ifs” going on there. You are getting your speed back and that’s what you want, right? Life is always going to happen in the midst of it all. How about signing up for a last minute 5K after you’ve had a good/satisfiable clip of training? If you’re really needing to hit that mark right now and think you are ready… I think you’re doing great. Just have patience and believe you’ll hit you goal. Listen to Kara 😉

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  2. I fell into that trap at my last race too. I even PR’d but I was still thinking, what if the race wasn’t at high elevation, what if I hadn’t been fumbling with my phone during the race start, etc. It’s hard to not ask those questions sometimes.

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  3. Honestly I don’t think cutting out beer or sweets for weeks is going to make a difference in a race, unless it’s also affecting your training. But that just might be me justifying all the beer I drink and the gigantic scoop of ice cream in a homemade waffle cone I put away yesterday haha.
    20:21 is pretty dang fast in July — I imagine you’ll be able to get back under 20 just with cooler weather! Congrats on placing in your AG!

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  4. Nice time and placing! That said… you walked on a hill? Tsk tsk, what if instead you had started repeating a mantra or singing a motivating song lyric to push up that hill? That is my advice to ensure it doesn’t happen again 😉

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  5. Yeah, too many what if’s for me too. But I see your point! Life for me is all about balance. Variety is the spice of life. I’ll be over here having my lil ultra fun. 😉 Congrats, again!! I bet it feels good to be back healthy again for you.

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    1. “Lil” ultra fun. 😂

      Yeah, I’ve always pushed for balance too. I guess every once in a while I regret not shifting that balance a little.

      It DOES feel good to be back healthy again. Thanks for being with me as I’ve worked my way back. 😀

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