This Week in Running – Summer Running: So hot right now

I’m a hot little potato.

Hola mis amigos! Sorry I don’t know how to make the upside down exclamation point that goes on the other side of “Hola”. Such is life. This week in running will dive into the fact that it’s hot and runners LOVE to talk about running when it’s hot. This is one of MANY reading options out there, but I hope you enjoy this one.

Image result for too hot for a penguin gif
It’s too damn hot for a penguin to just be runnin’ around here.

When we last left off, I was heading into a 10 mile long run on Saturday. It went really well! Running buddy Brooke and I got crazy and ran a course that wasn’t the Blackwater Creek trail or the Virginia 10 miler course. We just kinda winged it. There was some serious vert (for road runners, at least), which we managed to survive and we even kept our pace at slower than 8 minute miles (except for one mile). Brooke and I tend to slowly creep towards being too fast when we run together. I blame her.

On Monday, we were back at it with Track Monday. Brooke introduced me to a 600m split, which was 400m at about your 5k pace (or faster…oopsie donkey) then the last 200m at your “get after it” pace. We did 6 of those and that was about all I had in me.

Tuesday was an easy and non-eventful 4.5 miles that was SUPPOSED to have coffee, but the dang coffee shop didn’t open. I won’t name names, this time.

Image result for angry gif
Look what you did, coffee shop.

This morning was a 4 mile tempo + 1 mile total warmup/cooldown followed by coffee, where we talked about such topics as the difficulties of women’s pants! My tempos are coming along really nicely. The plan is to just keep adding a mile every week or two until eventually I’m back to running half marathons like they’re tempos. 🙂

Every mile seems a little bit tougher when it’s all hot and muggy, but the summer struggle leads to the fall victory! Below are some of the things that I’ve learned during my summer runs:

  • There’s not much worse than sweating BEFORE you start running.
  • Gray shirts are the WORST shirts. Sweat just looks sweatier.
  • I can’t possibly drink enough water to make up what I lose.
  • I can’t drink my coffee like I like my coffee…hot.
  • I leave embarrassing butt prints wherever I sit.

That’s all I’ve got off the top of my head. Does anybody have anything to add?



12 Replies to “This Week in Running – Summer Running: So hot right now”

  1. I know what movie that penguin is from 🙂

    Great job putting in the miles despite the heat! I am secretly grateful my hamstring injury pushed back my training so that I’m not scheduled for the EBACC 5k tomorrow morning that I likely would’ve been otherwise.

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  2. The only thing worse than gray shirts is gray shorts. I ran a 5K in gray shorts last summer and looked like I’d pissed myself in the finish line photo. Learned that lesson!
    When Pepper comes back to the door after doing his business on hot days like this, I tell him it’s too damn hot for a penguin to just be walkin’ around when I let him back in haha. He never laughs.
    600s sound interesting!

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  3. I cannot resist commenting on a post that uses a Zoolander cover. So glad to hear the 10 miler went well! I set out for a non-specifically-determined long run today and found myself at 10 miles at the end quite unexpectedly…Probably fueled from the absurd amount of pizza I’ve consumed this week.

    Also, what coffee shop doesn’t open? Aren’t coffee shops basically always open? We need coffee… all hours.

    LOL. Grey shirts … “sweat just looks sweatier” could be their motto.

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    1. I’m glad you appreciate a good Zoolander reference. 😀

      The amount of Round Table pizza I ate has made me sluggish.

      Yeahhhh coffee should be available 24/7, but somehow it’s not.

      Sweatier sweat isn’t what most people are looking for. I’m down though. 😂

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