Playtime is Over, Son.

Hello, hello, hello! Here we are already into the last week of January. Time is flying by, so we’ll probably all be singing Christmas songs again before we know it. I’ve been posting for several weeks about how happy I am to not be training for anything and that I’m enjoying running just to run. Welp, time’s up.

At 13 weeks to go until Kentucky Derby, it’s time I start to do a little more than just run for fun. I still haven’t decided how I’m going to treat this race, but I want options. This means I need to get myself up at uncomfortable paces again. The track is SO miserable in the winter so I might not start that up for another month or so, but it’s tempo time! I plan to add a mile or so to a weekly tempo run every couple of weeks. That should get me to a fast half marathon distance by race day!

This week in running has been pretty chill for the most part. Chill as in both laid back AND cold. I think I’m starting to figure out how to properly dress.

Shut up, weather app. You don’t know anything!

Monday was 4 FREEZING miles with running buddy Brooke. The bridges made some awful sounds as we ran across them. Luckily I work with some sharp engineers that came up with some solid explanations. Brooke said it was like the bridges that collapse as you run across them on Super Mario games. We did pick up the pace a bit haha.

Tuesday was more cold and more coffee. We didn’t take any pictures though. Step up, Wade and Alissa! This one was another 4 miles. There was talk of a 5th mile, but I just wanted the coffee.

I didn’t run at all on Wednesday through Friday, which wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. I got sick (again!) and figured I needed a break. I didn’t take a total break though at least. I managed to work out pretty hard with kettlebells on Wednesday and I played some basketball on Thursday. Friday just ended up being a little too busy. That happens.

I wasn’t exactly ALL better. I look awful.

Saturday I ran 7 miles. For the first 2 or 3, I felt pretty good! After 5, I started to feel pretty run down (pun intended). Sometimes you think you’re all better after a good night’s sleep, but there’s a little bit of sickness still there. That was this morning. Oh well, I don’t think I broke anything haha.

I’ll be working on a training plan over the weekend to ramp up to be ready for the Kentucky Derby Mini. I wish that I was a little more fired up mentally, but I think that’ll happen. It might just take a warm day. Hurry up, Spring!







8 Replies to “Playtime is Over, Son.”

  1. Luckily you two weren’t the Mario brothers collapsing down the bridge 😂 I would say it’s a good start to the training mate! Keep up the good work and I’ll be looking forward for your future week postings 😃

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      1. I run a parkrun around my place and it passes through a very similar bridge. Fun fact: it shakes very gently but it has hold up its ground otherwise there would be a lot of mess in the creek down below 😁

        Thanks for the follow Ralph! 😍

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  2. What weather app do you use that tells you if you should run or not? I use weatherbug. I agree though that it’s likely I wouldn’t listen to it anyway especially on hot/humid days – unless it’s a heat advisory/warning I’m out there!

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  3. Yes…hurry up, spring! We just returned from 2 weeks in Florida, where we ran each morning in spring-like temperatures. When we got home last night, it was snowing and 16 degrees. Ugh!!! Come on, groundhog!!!

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