Easy Like Sunday Morning – Coffee Therapy

Good morning! I’ve had about 12 ounces of liquid energy in the form of Pike Place from Starbucks this morning, so you might have to bare (bear?) with me. Today’s post title’s inspiration can be credited to at least 2 different sources, bonus points if you can name BOTH!

It’s been 10 weeks today since I had surgery on my torn achilles. Of course, I haven’t been able to run since then and so there’s a huge mental and physical void to be filled. Physically, running is irreplaceable. I’m doing all that I can do, but nothing can match the release of endorphins from a good run and nothing can get my heart rate up quite like running can. Mentally, running can be somewhat theraputic. It’s a great place to clear my mind when I run alone and it’s also a great place to chat with some of the most interesting people that I know.

Luckily, I’m still able to meet up with many of those interesting people and have some coffee. We’ve gathered most every Sunday morning since I got hurt. At first I couldn’t even drive myself and I’d have to mooch a ride from willing friends (or friend, since it was about 95% Wade) but now I’m free to get there myself and that’s a plus.

Image result for pee wee herman hitchhiking
This was pretty much me for the first 6 weeks.

Most people that show up for our Sunday morning coffee gathering (bright and early, usually around 6:15) are showing up after a run. I totally wish I was doing the same, but it IS nice not to be the smelliest person in the coffee shop for a change hehe.

I’m really thankful to have a good group of people to drink a cup or two with. The conversations are always good. We don’t ALWAYS talk about running. We get into a variety of topics, some fun, some serious. Today we talked about some hard topics that many people are talking about these days, like drugs and gun control. We come from a variety of backgrounds and aren’t all like-minded about how we feel about these sorts of issues. We have different personalities, as demonstrated by the oh so popular Enneagram personality tests.

I love that we have a place to speak our minds, without fear of judgment. We don’t always agree, and there are times we talk about things that are of deep concern and strong feelings. At the end of it all, nobody takes any of it personally. I think there’s a genuine effort to understand each other, even for things that are so built into us that we’d never change our own views and we’re sure that we are right.

I think that this environment is something that we as a country are starting to lose. One look at social media will tell you that. It doesn’t take long for discussion to get heated and get personal. People that don’t even know each other will make assumptions and get personal. It’s ugly. Unpopular views can be quickly dismissed, without any chance for discussion. Often times, it’s an “all of nothing” discussion.

Don’t get me wrong. We spend most of our time we talk about goofy, random stuff and laugh it up like children. It’s really wide open.

I’m happy to have a place to sip a good cup of coffee with friends and talk about whatever comes up. I think we all could use a little Sunday morning coffee. Thanks, friends.


20 Replies to “Easy Like Sunday Morning – Coffee Therapy”

  1. I’ve found that with my running group too- we talk about a lot of different things and we have various opinions but we listen respectfully, and don’t attack. I wonder if running makes people calmer and more accepting? Not that we manage to change each other’s minds but it makes for good conversation and it’s interesting to hear a different opinion:)

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  2. I agree with you on the coffee and conversations, and that it is a lost thing in society these days. I feel like most PEOPLE… sure, some are more conservative and some are more liberal… fall closer to the center than the politicians who are definitely on opposite ends of the spectrum. And the running community is amazing, there are people of all political leanings, religions, etc, who come together to make races and runs happen… all for one common purpose. It is sad that within our united running communities our nation is still so divided…

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  3. People are always more respectful of people thy know, especially their friends. Not so much with strangers. Anonymous is your enemy and you don’t have to be nice to him. And he conveniently returns the favor. There’s just too many of us.

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    1. I used to get into chats with strangers online and they’d get personal pretty quickly. I was determined to stay nice and you know what…it works! Eventually they were nice to me and we could cordially discuss our differences.


  4. Curious to know if your group tends to be all around your age? My usual running group consists of myself, my dad, a gentleman who is 70 (who I usually run with because despite his age he runs my pace and sometimes is faster than me as well) and two guys around my dad’s age. The one is the father of two guys I was friends with in high school, and he’s become my unofficial running mentor and supporter; he likes reading my blogs and we’ve chatted about a wide range of topics. My husband joins us sometimes. Normally I run every Wed. evening with them but once track season begins I can’t because I’m coaching. They all run Sun. mornings as well but I only tend to join if they make the run at 9am or later (I don’t get up early unless I have to!). It would be nice to have some estrogen added to the group or even a little more youth for my sake, but it seems hard for us to find people to join us because most people are still at work Wed. evenings when we run.

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    1. The group is close to the same age for sure. It’s about a 50/50 split of guys to girls and I think I’m the oldest at 39. Pretty much everybody is at least 30 though. It can be tough to put a group together, that’s for sure. The current group doesn’t seem to mind losing sleep for a run and a cup of coffee. 🙂


  5. I can’t get past meeting for coffee at 6:15 a.m. on a Sunday AFTER a run! What time do you people get up??
    I never used social media a lot, but I’ve almost quit it completely at this point. It wasn’t even a conscious decision; it just got less and less appealing, probably for a lot of the reasons you pointed out here. Any time I do look at Facebook now, it’s nothing but stupid “gotcha” memes attacking any other viewpoint. That or recipe videos — and I don’t like to cook haha.
    It’s awesome your running group can actually discuss things though!

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    1. We definitely have some early risers in the group doing fairly long runs before coffee. My max is about 6 miles before coffee, which means a 5:00 wake up. Gotcha memes are the WORST, especially when they are factually inaccurate. Like a picture of Abe Lincoln with a quote means that he said it.

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      1. Getting up at 5 a.m. on a weekend to run six miles is a level of commitment beyond mine! I’m impressed with your whole group.
        Those memes are always factually incorrect, which is what makes them so infuriating! They just use all-caps and exclamation marks, because if you yell it loud enough, that makes it true, apparently.

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