It’s a Run-derful Life – Merry Christmas!

OK, OK, so for me in my current situation there aren’t a ton of miles being put in, but that doesn’t make my life any less run-derful, or wonderful either. I’m still a jolly fellow. Ho, ho, ho! Merrrrrrrry Christmas!!!

Last night, I sucked it up and went to my church’s 7:00 Christmas Eve service even though I lacked the energy and my leg was a bit “throbby”. I sat down for the service and started to immediately regret my decision. Church seating lacks a certain level of comfort that a rocker-recliner is able to provide. There’s something special about a night time service though. The singing was beautiful. The pastor’s sermon sharing some of his own personal experience and recent difficulties was AMAZING. The passing of candlelight while singing Silent Night can awaken and renew your spirits. So despite my foot turning 50 shades of purple, I was happy I left the house. So many friends gave me hugs, smiles and warm words. The pain and discomfort temporarily melted away.

I’m sitting here in the rocker-recliner mentioned above on Christmas morning, listening to Christmas music while my kids patiently sit in their room until they can be unleashed upon what Santa left them. They are much better kids than my siblings and I were. My heart is warm and full. I’m pretty excited to see what Santa left me too! I’m hoping he didn’t leave me TOO many running things today, since I sadly won’t be able to use them for quite a while. I won’t complain though, Santa.

I won’t be doing any running this Christmas. Or New Year’s. Or Valentine’s Day (probably not a bad thing). I keep wondering if I’m come to grips with this fact and I’m perfectly ok with it, or if the reality of it just hasn’t hit me yet.

I don’t want this to go too long, but I just want to say Merry Christmas and God bless you all. I hope that you find yourselves with people that love you and in a nice, warm place. I know that Christmas isn’t great for everyone, but I pray that you all find comfort wherever you are and whoever you’re with. If you’re alone, please know that you aren’t alone. God is not dead, nor doth He sleep.


7 Replies to “It’s a Run-derful Life – Merry Christmas!”

  1. Merry Christmas :).

    While lots of people are running today, remember, not everyone is. As you said, you’re not alone… and today- not only the injury, but also the church services, the memories with your family, and the times you’ll share together- will not last forever.

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