2018 BibRave Pro – Orange is Definitely my Color!

They say that Orange is the New Fast.

Hello everyone! I ran my last race of the year last Saturday (the Rehoboth Beach Marathon, race report here) and I’ve been resting all week long. I’m looking forward to running just to run for a little while. The comments that I’ve received have made me realize how fortunate I am to have so many people in my corner cheering me on. You all are awesome!

I have a great combination of people from my everyday life that don’t run at all, runners that I run for fun with, runners that I compete against, runners that I’ve never met (I’m talking to YOU, Runner Twitter and #BibChat), and runners that I may only get to meet once or twice a decade all of which are so supportive of my adventures in running.

A HUGE part of how much of the connection that I’ve built with runners from all over the place is thanks to becoming a BibRave Pro about 5 months ago. That’s why I’ve decided to reenlist (that’s Navy talk) for 2018. I’ll be sporting the fast orange for another year. I’m excited about the opportunity to run races that I’ve never run (for FREE), like the Hot Chocolate 15k in Charlotte, NC and the Indy Mini Marathon in Indianapolis, IN.

This is happening. PR guaranteed, since I’ve never run a 15k.
This is happening too. I will break 1:30 here.

If you’ve never heard of BibRave, it’s a great source of information for runners. Runners can sign up and review races to help those looking for races to run find the one for them. It’s also a great place for social runners to connect with others. They are a fun group of people!

I won’t lie, it’s also kinda cool to be able to test and review some of the latest gear available for runners. It’s so much fun to provide my feedback for what’s great (and sometimes what isn’t) and help others like me find things to make their running experiences as great as possible.

Beer flavored jelly beans? They are what you thought they were.
Shoes? Yes, please.

Thanks again to all that continue to read. I look forward to another fun year of running and running and blabbing.

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