After the Runs of Summer Have Gone

Good morning to you! I’m continuing to put my thoughts about running down for anyone to see, although not many are seeing. I think there’s some sort of trick to getting people to read that I haven’t figured out yet. Bribery, perhaps? I’ll figure it out. 

This week has been a rough one. I spent last weekend living it up on the road and not doing my fitness any favors (see my previous post for the awesome details). I’ve run every day since Monday, which normally isn’t a huge deal but the humidity has been AWFUL. I’m no meteorologist, but I didn’t think that humidity could get over 100%. I’m pretty sure it has this week.

Me, all this week.

Running in these awful conditions has left me drained. I’ve had dead legs and strained lungs. This morning when I arrived to work, my coffee buddy and co-worker, Lil’ Code, noticed that I wasn’t quite right. I was beat down. My legs could hardly move and my brain could hardly function. Unfortunately, I forgot that the cafeteria is closed this week and I brought nothing to eat. Lil’ Code came to the rescue with a piece of breakfast casserole! He’s a good buddy. I housed that casserole and instantly felt better. Not great, but better.

Long run for the week. Much suffering.

This morning’s run was going to be a tempo. 5 of us gathered together at one of the flattest paved trails we can find in hilly Lynchburg to start at 5:30. The goal was 6 tempo miles at a 7:50/mile pace. We struggled to keep that pace. I worked WAY harder than I would have expected to. Most of us got it done, although the miles were somewhat inconsistent and at times were off the pace. This is the sort of run that can be discouraging to a runner trying to get ready for a goal race. Two months ago, we were crushing runs and pushing for PRs! Now we’re holding on for dear life to get a mid-level intensity tempo finished. I blame the weather. Seriously, I do.

Splits for my tempo. Not the best.

It’s this time of year that weather is certainly a factor in our performance. These conditions are tough. It’s not just uncomfortable or unpleasant. It can be downright dangerous. Crappy runs are a part of summer running. It doesn’t mean that we are out of shape. It doesn’t mean that we aren’t ready for whatever we have planned in the fall. We just need to think of the summer as a training tool. The results of these runs won’t be flashy and they may not look great on paper, but they serve a great purpose. Achieving our goals is what awaits us on the other side, after the runs of summer have gone.


One side item: I applied and was accepted to be a BibRave Pro! I’m still learning the details, but this means that I’ll be getting more involved with the running community and trying out new gear and new races. Then I’ll get to talk about them, which is one of my favorite things.


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