Product Review – Science in Sport Hydro Tablets – This summer I’m HYDRO powered.

In today's news: Summer is nasty. We all know it. It always is. Here in Virginia, I can choose between minimizing the temperature and sun exposure by running at 5:30am but with 99.99% humidity, or I can wait for the humidity to drop while hitting 95 degrees with a burning hot sun (oh, and it's still humid too). Pick your poison. I'm what you'd call an efficient sweater. My work juices start flowing sometimes before I even START my run. After a few miles, I'm just about soaked. I sometimes like to run long distances, so hydration is KEY. That goes for before, during and after running. When BibRave gave me the opportunity to test out a hydration related product, I jumped right on it!

This Week in Running – Summer Running: So hot right now

Hola mis amigos! Sorry I don't know how to make the upside down exclamation point that goes on the other side of "Hola". Such is life. This week in running will dive into the fact that it's hot and runners LOVE to talk about running when it's hot. This is one of MANY reading options …