My Running 2017 – Everybody’s Doing it

Hello, hello! I’ve been reading quite a few posts where runners are recapping their 2017s in running and I think that’s a GREAT idea. It helps you find joy and success where before you may have found missed goals or disappointment. We runners tend to beat up on ourselves when things don’t go as planned. Looking back is a great way to realize, “Hey now, maybe things weren’t quite so bad!”

They don’t look all that different, do they?

My 2017 running year ended somewhat abruptly when I very unexpectedly ruptured my right Achilles’ tendon in a basketball game last Thursday. I won’t be running for quite some time (that’s all I can say for now), but running is in my heart and in my mind. There’s no getting rid of it. This is a great way for me to stay positive about running.

I put in a TON of miles in 2017. I know many runners that put in a great deal more miles than this, but it’s a lot for me. The crazy part is that for most of the summer and fall, the miles were all QUALITY miles. To me, that means they had a purpose and they weren’t “easy” ones. I guess I asked a lot out of my body. Sorry, body.

I ran quite a few races too! I’ll list them all below, but if you get bored feel free to skip right through them.

I had soooooo many great races this year. I ran the Krispy Kreme Challenge for the 8th time and broke in a 1st time challenger (glad you’re going back for more, Jeremy!). I ran the most competitive race of my life against running buddy Robbie, I PRd my half marathon (and had a great time doing it) only to beat that PR later in the year (VERY unexpectedly). I even had a 5k PR, beating a PR that was several years old. I did manage to win my AG in the Lynchburg Road Runners Race Series too!

To be honest though, I think the highlights of my year have to do mainly with what those I run with were able to do. Some many friends worked so hard and got the results that they deserved. There were PRs, BQs and other feats of strength and endurance that I’m not even qualified to describe (I’m talking to YOU, Jeremy). Congrats to all of you and thank you for being a huge part of my year in running.

I have a long way to go before I’ll have the pleasure of even a single mile. I’m going to need help. I’ll need help from God’s healing hand. I’ll need help from friends and family in the form of encouragement when I need it (or a kick in the butt) and sometimes I’ll need them to help me find patience. Sometimes I’ll need them to take me places (I can’t drive for 2 months). I thank everyone in advance for what they’ll do for me.

2018 isn’t going to start out the way I’d hoped or planned, but all is not lost! It’s going to be the beginning of a GREAT comeback story.

11 Replies to “My Running 2017 – Everybody’s Doing it”

  1. What a GREAT year! I’m so sorry it ended the way it did, but as you’ve said, you’ll be back. I will certainly be following along for what I know will be an amazing comeback. TEAM BURNSHINE! So I noticed you did a race every month BUT October! In 2011, I ran a race every month and loved it. I plan to keep that going as long as possible, from now. Keep blogging about your recovery! I know I wanna hear about it!

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  2. Pretty awesome year except for… well, you know. Looking forward to the comeback!
    P.S. You can’t drive for two months?? It’s even worse than I realized! Is that because of the injury itself or the boot? I had to wear a boot for a week once. I remember driving but I think I took it off for that (the boot was total overkill anyway; my injury was nothing like a ruptured tendon.)

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    1. Both? I think the boot makes it hard to drive, but I think that the movement needed to drive is counterproductive to the healing of the repaired area. I’ll be back. Like Axl Rose said, “All we need is just a little patience.” 😀

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