Marathon Training Plan Adjustments Mid-Training, Yay or Nay?

This is kind of a spontaneous post asking for the opinion of other runners out there. I started a 16 week training plan based on an article in Runner’s World about the “Run less, run faster” training plan, aka FIRST. The article had a generic marathon training plan that was solely based on a 10k time for the paces. Using my 10k of 40:30ish, I came up with the training below.


I haven’t had any problems with the training so far, but I decided to buy the book that the article was based on.Β The book is of course similar to the article’s plan, but has a specific plan for a 3:10 marathon, which is my goal. The paces are pretty similar, but the long runs are longer. There are more 20 milers and at this point in the training I should have already run a 20 miler, but my high so far is 15. I’m confident that I can pick up in the middle of the new training, but I want to run this idea by my fellow runners for a sanity check. Here’s the new training plan.


Any opinions you’d like to give would be very much appreciated. If you tell me it’s a bad idea, that’s ok. I’m stubborn and I may not listen, butΒ I do want to hear the thoughts of others.

12 Replies to “Marathon Training Plan Adjustments Mid-Training, Yay or Nay?”

  1. I have some questions first and then I need to give it a little more thought… In your past marathon training plans, how did your long runs compare? Also, which workouts do you find to be the most challenging?


    1. This training plan calls for more 20 milers than what I’ve done in the past. As far as what workouts have been challenging, I’ve hit my tempo paces and distances for every run. The track hurts but I keep the paces close. My long runs have been awful at times, but mainly due to summer I think.

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      1. I think the heat for sure affects the long run the most… as for which plan… I am a high mileage person and I would increase the longer runs especially if you find shorter faster races to be easier!?! Your track times along with your half pr (in my uncertified running opinion) suggest that working your aerobic system more would be beneficial. : )

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  2. I’m certainly no expert on this but I would be wary of any big mileage increases on a week to week basis. At first glance though, they don’t seem too different. If you feel like increasing the long runs, you could always compromise between the two plans to stay on the safe side. I don’t think your idea is completely crazy though if that makes you feel any better πŸ™‚

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  3. I don’t think it’s crazy to have three 20-milers. I actually have 3 on my plan, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve also seen people PR because they did add 1 or 2 extra 20-milers for confidence. I think it’s all personal choice, and as you have a very specific goal you’re trying to reach, I say go, go, go. Just stay healthy.


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