This week in Running – Hey yayyayyayyy, Run Miles Everyday

Happy Friday! The title of this post should ring a bell with some of you 2000s music fans (2001 specifically, there's your hint). Somebody needs to comment with the right answer or I'm going to lose faith in my readers! Either way, I hope you're all having a good morning so far and a great weekend ahead.

Strava BibRave Club Run Streak – Respect the Streak!

Calling all runners: My fellow BibRave Pros and I are starting up a Strava run streak for the month of May! My longest streak ever is just 9 days, so I'm looking forward to knocking that out of the park. The only requirement is that you get at least a mile in every day (even walking counts!).

If it’s not on Strava, did it even Happen?

We live in magical times when it comes to technology. We aren't quite The Jetsons yet, but we do have it pretty good. There's an app for everything. I'm going to introduce you to an app to help you track your active lifestyles, though many of you know ALL about it (not you, Brenton). I'm talkin' bout Strava, man. Strava is a magical place in which runners of all types (or active people in general, there are other activities too) can benefit. I've been on Strava for quite a while. I just checked and it seems that I joined on January 16,2016. My how time flies!