Blue Ridge Marathon Race Report – Like Miley Says, it’s the Climb.

Happy Friday! I'm looking forward to an action packed weekend with NO training runs. I ran 3 treadmill miles yesterday and they weren't TOO awful so I'm going to run a little more today and a little more this weekend, only if I want to though. 🙂 So about Blue Ridge....WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! I was …


Blue Ridge Marathon Training Weeks 3-7 – Track is back. Hills for breakfast (lunch and dinner too).

Woah. Time flies when you're having fun. I wrote up a post for weeks 1 and 2 and planned on sticking to an every other week schedule for posting. I guess that fell through cause here I am finishing up week 7 today. I plan on an easy 5-6 miles later today, if my legs …

Blue Ridge Marathon Training Weeks 1&2 – Sometimes you just want to be told what to do…

Hello and good morning! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Many of you are still in your weekends and I'm happy for you. 🙂 I just finished up a 6 mile run this morning (I'll run 4 more later today...two-a-days are back) with some sprints/surges at the end and it felt GREAT to …

This Week in Running – Learning the true definition of hills

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I find myself sitting in a cozy chair with a cozy cup of coffee after a 7 mile run where my legs feel better after I'm done than they did before I started. I guess recovery miles or shake-outs are real after all.


a natural elevation of the earth's surface, smaller than a mountain.
an incline, especially in a road:This old jalopy won't make it up the next hill.
an artificial heap, pile, or mound:a hill made by ants.
a small mound of earth raised about a cultivated plant or a cluster of such plants.

Above is what I found when I looked for the definition of the word "hill". When it comes to running, I don't think that any of these accurately portray the meaning. I'll try mine:

The portion of a run where lungs burn, legs fatigue and goals die.

Looking Ahead – 2020 Vision

Happy New Year! NYE was a low key effect at the Birnschein house. Jen, Kayli and I did made it to midnight. We realize that we are getting out of touch by all of the performers and people that we didn't know. Fun...

I'm spending this morning getting my thoughts out here while drinking a strong cup o' Joe. There's a 5k race at 10:30 this morning that I'm not particularly excited about, but we'll get it done. The race directors tried something new with this one that I don't love all that much with the age groups. In an effort to have an equal amount of competitors in each group, the groups are rearranged and out came a 20-41 age group. What??? I'm 41, so I guess I'll have a tough go in trying to place today haha.

Time to Get Uncomfortable! – Running the Blue Ridge Marathon :)

Hello runners, friends and runner friends! It's been a busy week and I've been posting lots more than usual, or at least it feels that way. Thanks to those of you that keep on reading. My last running related post was about how I'm currently running whatever I want to run. This morning, I ran 5 miles and decided to run 1 hard one in between, just because I felt like it. That is SUCH a good feeling to be able to turn it on or off on a whim instead of running my plan dictated pace or distance.

I'm going to enjoy that feeling for a few more weeks, then it'll be time to get serious again.

My torn achilles recovery was really tough. I wouldn't wish that sort of thing on anyone. Sometimes in hardship, lessons are learned and we grow. Rehab and recovery from that injury made me face many of my weaknesses and improve upon them. I started doing things in the gym that I probably wouldn't have ever tried if not for my physical therapists and trainer. They helped me in ways I can't begin to explain, both mentally and physically. It's partly because of that experience that I made the decision to try something with running that will take me WAY outside of my comfort zone. I'm running Blue Ridge next April!