T minus 5 days until Blue Ridge Marathon… – Where DID the time go?

Here I am in the middle of taper week…Seriously, where did the time go??? I wrote my last training post about 7 weeks ago and it covered weeks 3-7 of my training for the Blue Ridge Marathon. Yikes…

At the end of last week, I finished up my last big climb to try and simulate the mountains of Blue Ridge at least a little. I don’t think I’m built for it, but I got it done. My partners can leave me in the dust, but that’s ok. I need to stay calm, patient and steadily work my way up. Don’t freak out, man.

There was snow on the ground last time around.

Blue Ridge is 5 days away. FIVE. That’s so soon. Here’s why I’m ready:

  • I knocked out not one but TWO 20 milers. One of them was my go to gut check, the Virginia 10 miler course back to back. Coach Craig made that a workout too and I knocked it out. Speaking of the workout, I suggest you try it sometime. It was 4 at MP, 4 easy, 3 at MP, 3 easy, 2 at MP, 2 easy, 1 at MP, 1 easy. Niceeeeeee.
  • I’ve managed to get through the hardest part of this training cycle feeling pretty normal. I’m not battling any nagging injuries. I’ve been tired here and there, but the struggle hasn’t been TOO awful.
  • Coach Craig says I’m ready. I trust her.

At this point, the battle is above the neck. I have to take it easy on myself this week and enjoy a well-earned rest. There’s no need to worry about what I did or didn’t do at this point. I’m ready to run a marathon. I’m ready to run America’s Toughest Road Marathon.

If you get the crazy urge to ride the pain train up Roanoke Mountain with me, it’s not too late! Use code RANDALL20 and save 20% before tomorrow’s deadline.

One other thing… I wanted to give Race Director Kevin Shroyer a shoutout for his many years of service in organizing the Point of Honor 5k in Lynchburg. The race was always a lot of fun and well put together. It was especially great because the race provided a donation to contribute to organ donation, a cause near and dear to Kevin’s heart. 2021 was his last year running that show. Thanks Kevin!

Point of Honor 5k…. There’s a hill and we love it so much we run it twice.


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