I’m still here, El Guapo!

Hello! Remember me? It’s ok if you don’t. I’ll refresh you. I run. I eat. I try things. I write about it all.

I’m a huge 80s movie guy and my post title comes from one, in this case, it’s The Three Amigos!

The Three Amigos GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
Who doesn’t remember these guys???

There’s a part where the movie’s bad guy, “El Guapo” (my brother and I LOVED him) is starting to realize that The Three Amigos have him outmatched in a big fight and he’s watching his men go down left and right. His right hand man senses this and reassures his Jefe by saying, “I’m still here, El Guapo!” Of course, he’s gunned down almost immediately, but not me!!! I AM still here.

I think there’s an overall fatigue with the virus. I’m quite fortunate to not have gotten it, nor have any of my loved ones. I understand and appreciate that. The precautions we are collectively taking are wearing me down a bit. No racing. No large gatherings. It’s hard to have much to write about.

I guess that’s why I hadn’t written a thing in two months or so. I’ve been running plenty and enjoying it just as much as I usually do, but not training for anything after all this time is kind of strange. I FINALLY hit the track last week (thanks, MC) and that woke something up. I’m heading out shortly for some fast mile repeats. 🙂

If it was finally time to hit the track, maybe it’s finally time to start posting again! I’m sure you were all just sitting around waiting for my next one to drop…


8 Replies to “I’m still here, El Guapo!”

  1. Great to hear you are finding motivation. Maybe I could borrow some. Ran a virtual Turkey Trot yesterday–it was the best I could do under the circumstances, but didn’t give me much of a story to tell. Can’t wait to race again!!!!

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    1. Virtual races are definitely tough to get motivated for. I think of it as a way to have some camaraderie and support the organizations that rely on those events. I can’t wait to race again either! 😀


  2. My younger sister went through a phase when she was little where she’d pick one movie and watch it every single day for weeks, and The Three Amigos was one of them. Remember the part where the Amigos meet the townspeople for the first time, and that little kid asks one of them if he can have their pocket watch when they’re dead? My sister would ask people if she could have their stuff when they were dead all the time! They didn’t realize it was a movie quote and would think she was just a weirdly morbid 5-year-old haha.

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