This Month in Running: Six Mile Runs (and why they’re the best ones)

Happy Monday! I know it’s a little harder to have a happy Monday than other days, but we can do it if we try. 🙂

If you’ve listened to me rant and rave, you probably know that I love six mile runs. I’ll say that I can probably run six miles every day and some have dared me to try, but sanity prevails. I don’t believe in running every day. However, I do believe that six miles is the perfect distance for running as much as you can while still being ready to go again like nothing happened.

How I feel after six miles…

Yes, this assumes some buildup to become an experienced runner. I’m of course not saying that a person can go couch to six miler with no consequences. I’m saying that if you trained your way up to a half marathon or longer (maybe even a 10 miler), you could run six milers and wake up the next morning like you hit the reset button.

There’s this hilarious scene from the classic film “There’s Something About Mary” where a murderous hitchhiker goes on a rant about Seven Minute Abs (Eight Minute Abs was a thing at the time). When Ben Stiller’s character says something about Six Minute Abs, the hitchhiker blows a gasket. That’s kinda how I feel about five or seven mile runs. 🙂

For me, six miles is a distance where it feels long, but none of the physiological aspects of a long run kick in. I don’t have to worry about hydration issues. I don’t need gels or snacks (although I ALWAYS like snacks). Chafing is certainly possible, but not the kind of chafing that draws blood or leaves me screaming in the shower.

Janet leigh GIF on GIFER - by Dairr

After six miles, I feel fairly accomplished but not drained. I build up an appetite, but I don’t have to get all Joey Chestnut on whatever food is in the house. It’s a controlled hunger! The caloric deficit from a six miler just happens to nearly equal the calories in a Totino’s Party Pizza. 🙂

Well, I could go on and on about why six milers are the best, but I’ll end it here.

Does anybody else have a different favorite distance and would you like to share why? I’d love to hear from you.


5 Replies to “This Month in Running: Six Mile Runs (and why they’re the best ones)”

  1. I used to have a 7.3-mile loop that always felt like the perfect distance for all these reasons. Far enough to feel like I accomplished something, but not far enough to need gels/water/etc. Plus it went past a ferry and avoided the one “busy” road in the area.

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