2020 Global Running Day – How bout a 24 hour relay?

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Hi, everyone! I hope you all are doing just fine. There’s so much going on in the world right now. We are facing tragedy, suffering and uncertainty. There’s fear and sadness everywhere. Seriously, if anyone out there just needs someone to talk to, I’m here.

Running has been an outlet for me for many years now. I can run alone to be with my thoughts. I can run with friends to share in deep discussions or endless joy/laughter. I can run easy to calm myself in stressful times. I can run hard to take out pent up aggression, or to see what I’m made of. Clearly, running is an important part of who I am.


This Wednesday is Global Running Day. This is 2020, so of course we won’t be able to celebrate it in the way we’re used to or in the way we’d prefer to. However, I certainly do want to celebrate it. Luckily, the Rochester Running Company came up with a pretty solid plan to celebrate the day with runners from all over. How about a 24 hour relay?

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Starting at 12am on Wednesday, each runner will take a 30 minute slot before passing the virtual baton to the next runner (via email, text, or call). That will continue until 12am the next morning! A variety of cities will be represented, but I’ll be running for Team San Diego. We know I’m a west coaster for life and any chance at Anchorman references, I’m going for it.

gif Will Ferrell anchorman *a Anchorman: The Legend of Ron ...

Of course there will be a shirt plus a medal (we always need more of those, right?) and you’d be entered to win prizes from Trigger Point, Garmin, Goodr, and Maurten. The entry fee is $30, unless you’re willing to run a less than desirable time and then it’s only $25! Registration closes soon, so do hurry.

Whether you join me for this one or go another route, I do hope you find a way to celebrate Global Running Day! 🙂




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