This Week in Crazy (oops, I mean Running) – When it doesn’t go as planned…

Hello, everybody! It’s a little late in the week for my update but better late than never, right? I’ve been battling a cough that just won’t die for at least a couple of weeks now. I even went to the doctor (that’s how you KNOW it’s serious) to get a hodge-podge of drugs and an inhaler. I trained all week as I was told that I could.

Monday – 5 easy miles with Brenton. Who’s Brenton? Nobody knows. He’s not on Strava.

Not Track Tuesday –5 more easy miles, but this time on a treadmill. I felt GREAT, so thank you meds and inhaler for that. I did a few pickups toward the end up to about 9.3 mph. That felt so right.

Wednesday – Weights only.

Thursday – Another 5 easy (seems to be a theme here). This one was with Brooke. She was coughing a bit too, but I didn’t share my drugs. We did have coffee though. 🙂

Friday – Titled “This week in Vert” and it was just that. I ran with Alissa and new buddies Heather and Chad to do just a bit of climbing. I was surprised at how much of a climb this actually was, cause I handled it WAY better than Tobacco Row 2 weeks before. Maybe I’m getting acclimated. 10.8 miles.


chad pic
Not pictured: Chad.

Saturday: 6 windy, miserable miles. I was pretty inspired by the Olympic Trials. I’m amazed to watch runners so fast and so smooth while able to glide for 26.2 miles! I imagined running like them and it kept me going well. I coughed like CRAZY after the run. The cold wind really got to me.

This combines my run plus the Olympic Trials.

Sunday: 14 miles? Nope. Rest day. I’d had about enough of struggling through and coughing like crazy afterward. My sleep was starting to be impacted, so I decided the rest was worth more than the miles. Coach Craig agreed.

Total miles: 31.9

The old me would have FREAKED OUT about missing a long run. You can’t miss long runs! Game over man!!!

Truth is, fitness is built over weeks and it is lost over weeks. One 14 mile run isn’t going to make a bit of difference. It’s taken me quite a few years and training cycles to realize that, but there it is.

I immediately got back to work on Monday and have an action packed week ahead with some speed, some hills and a 20 miler. Here we go…


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