Telling the world your goals… Yay or Nay?


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This was my Tweet from earlier this week…

I guess that makes it official. I’m going to try to break 1:30 at Shamrock. The course is fast enough. I’m definitely trained up enough (thanks Coach Craig). I’m going for it.

I’ll have plenty of motivation too! There are going to be quite a few of my fellow BibRave Pros attending this one, as well as some “internet” friends that have become my real friends. It’ll be great to have them cheer me on and be there to celebrate with me if I make it. (Spoiler: We’ll celebrate NO MATTER WHAT.)

Shamrock is the place to celebrate too. The post-race festivities are tough to beat. Any celebration fueled by Yuengling will likely be a good one.

Cups to the skies!

I think setting goals is a big part of being a runner. Sometimes the goal is to not have a goal, but even that’s a goal! Putting your self out there and telling people about them is something that not everyone wants to do. The accountability of letting others know what you’re going for can be a useful tool in training right and giving your best, but it can also add to the pressure to create stress and anxiety that you otherwise may not have had to deal with.

What do you think? Keep the goals to yourself or share them with others?




6 Replies to “Telling the world your goals… Yay or Nay?”

  1. I don’t make a big deal of it, but I share goals with my running friends. No one else really cares or understands what it takes to run a 1:30 half.
    In January I publish a post with some overall goals for the year. My main one has been 1,000 running miles. Over three years I’ve yet to reach the goal but it motivates me to stretch my runs when I can and probably to run more often.
    Sharing goals even on your blog helps make them real and makes me feel accountable for them,.

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  2. Work in silence and let your success be the noise – isn’t that the saying?! Meh. I don’t think there should be rules with that kinda stuff. Share what you want. I do share goals at times, mostly for accountability.

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