This Week in Running – Vert does in fact, hurt.

img_7793Hello! I hope you’ve had a great weekend! You may remember that I had this shirt made a few weeks ago. Well, it’s a lie. VERT DOES HURT.






Things are ramping up quickly as I get ready for race season. I feel like I’m doing it all with speed work, lots of miles and lots of hills! Soon I’ll be ready for anything. I ran long today and ended up with 50.2 miles. That’s my first 50 mile week EVER. It’s hard to believe that I have 8 marathons under my belt without having ever run a 50 mile week, but I looked it up. I have dead legs fairly often and I’m eating EVERYTHING, but all in all it’s going pretty well. 🙂

Here’s the recap:

Monday: I ran 5 miles in the morning in Lynchburg and fully intended to run again in Houston, but that just didn’t happen. Travel can really wreck things. This happened though.

It’s hard to run with a lb of meat and Whataburger in your stomach. Bottom Right: Peyton Manning

Tuesday: 8 miles total in two runs (three runs, kinda). I started on a hotel treadmill, but it was like a SAUNA, so I went outside in the cold rain. The sidewalk ended in a half mile, so I did a bunch of repeats. I ate a HUGE burrito for lunch, then sweated through a rough 4ish miler. Bleh.

Houston was an interesting place. The layout is unlike any other city I’ve been to. The food was AMAZING. I really wanted to experience the best places to run, but work didn’t quite allow that. I did get to run into Peyton Manning at the airport Starbucks though…

It went like this: We’re in a slow line and there’s a big fella on his phone in the line. A spot opens up and the Starbucks employee says, “I can help the next person.” Big fella stays on his phone and doesn’t respond. I give it a few seconds. Nothing. Finally, I say, “Go dude.” Dude goes. I see that dude is Peyton Manning. I feel shame.

We walked past him eventually and I completely sold out and said something like, “You’re the best, Peyton Manning.” He awkwardly acknowledges.

Wednesday: Travel day…

Thursday: Titled “Clearly I hate myself” cause I did this one on a treadmill. I went for 6 miles and made it a progression run! Progression runs are the travel hangover killers. I start slow and speed it up mile by mile. The treadmill part wasn’t fun though.

Friday: Titled “Mother of God”, this was a run at locally famous Tobacco Row. It’s around 5 miles up and then back down. This run DESTROYED ME. I wanted to quit with all of my being. Lungs were burnt. Legs were dead. Michael and I treated it like intervals, with some running and some hiking. Strava shows GAP now, which really puts it all in perpective. Our first mile at 9:55 was a 6:47 GAP! Vert does hurt.

The look of a man who will never be the same.

Saturday: Coach Craig gave me a little break with an easy 5 miler. I ran a little too hard, but that’s the pace I seemed to want to run. My legs were dead, but running slower didn’t seem to be a more desirable option. I wanted to get it over with.

Sunday: 16 miles!  My first 6 were solo, then Coach Craig joined me for 10. I’m glad she did, cause I wasn’t in the mood to go it alone. She paced me well too. 🙂

I decided to eat before this one and I think going forward I’ll make more of an effort to do that. I have an iron gut and have no problems running with food in me (I’m an 8x Krispy Kreme Challenge finisher, thank you very much) so I might as well make sure I’m fueled up.

I was pretty tired after a 50 mile week….and pretty HUNGRY. I ate EVERYTHING.

I’m currently figuring out if I want to buy Vaporflys or not. I want to perform at my best and I know Vaporflys will help me do that, but I’m just not sure I want to take that plunge. For one, money. For two, it just doesn’t feel right. I’m torn.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on that one….

12 Replies to “This Week in Running – Vert does in fact, hurt.”

  1. I’ve listened to and read things online by a lot of runners, including some elites or former elites give their opinions on Vaporflys. My personal opinion after reading and hearing all of that is to skip them based on both of the things you mentioned.

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  2. Woo what a week! I have a feeling most of Peyton Manning’s run-ins with fans are awkward, he just seems like an awkward guy. Funny and nice, but awkward. I’m basing that pretty much on his commercials with Brad Paisley.

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  3. I don’t care if you’re a Super Bowl-winning QB, holding up a line because you’re too busy on your phone is rude! I’d say you were as nice to him as he deserved there haha.
    Last fall, I went to Texas for the first time other than basic training, and I really regret that we never stopped at a Whataburger.
    Congrats on 50 miles and all that vert!

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