This Week in Running – Silver and Gold

Happy Friday! I have some work to do, but hopefully this weekend will be a chance to relax for a bit. The cold weather is here and it isn’t messing around. There’s something about the cold that helps me get in the holiday mood. I’m ready for the feasting, the winter beer selection and the peppermint mochas (I know what I am, I’ll own it).

I had one this morning after 5 miles. That’s a net zero caloric balance. 

With respect to running, I’ve continued my time doing whatever I want. After the big Runner’s World event I put in two weeks of less than 20 miles. I ramped up to 28 last week and this week I’m looking like I’ll end up around 40. I haven’t really paid attention until just now. 🙂

I’m a little sad that I won’t get to join anyone for a turkey trot this year, though there’s talk of a tiny virtual race (Alissa? Wade?).

Last night, I went to the awards ceremony/pulled pork and fried things feast put on by the Lynchburg Road Runners Club. I appreciate all that they do for the local running community in Lynchburg. We’re also fortunate to have a great local running store in Riverside Runners. They work together well. 🙂

I ended up taking the silver in my AG this year which is awesome of course, but it isn’t the gold. 1st place went to my good buddy and runemy #1, Robbie. He earned it for sure and I’m happy to lose to him (but only him). Robbie is ready for Philly and his first BQ. I’m excited to track him and cheer him on.

Image result for ricky bobby first last
Amen, Ricky Bobby.

Robbie and I were pretty close until the end this season. Yes, not edging him out brings some disappointment. I gave it some thought though…

This was my first full season back from what was a pretty major injury! (If you’re new to that info, there are like 20+ weeks of post about it if you ever want to dive in deep.) I need to give myself a little credit for that, right? Running itself is a marathon and not a sprint, so this is a work in progress. 2019 is something to build on.

I want that gold like my name is Yukon Cornelius.

Robbie isn’t just going to GIVE me that gold in 2020. I’m gonna have to earn it. I’m hungry (literally and figuratively) and I’m ready to put in work. I have a pretty good crew of runners and friends to help get me there, so LET’S DO IT!

A beer and a flying shoe.




6 Replies to “This Week in Running – Silver and Gold”

  1. Love you posts friend! Next year will be fun for sure! You won’t at your best this year but next year hopefully will be both of us at 100% every week! I am not sure that’s truly ever happened for either of us, but hopefully a 100% show down is in effect.
    Thanks for the kind words on Philly. I plan to make us proud.

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  2. Nothing like a good runemy for motivation. Go get that gold in 2020!
    I’m still on the pumpkin spice train here until, well, my local Dunkin Donuts runs out of the flavor syrup. The supply has lasted well into January in past years.

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    1. Thanks Abby. I’ll do my best. 🙂

      That pumpkin cream cold brew from Starbucks was amazing, but I’m over those pumpkins now. My kids finally got around to smashing their Halloween pumpkins last week haha.

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