Product Review – BUFF® Tech Fleece – There’s one for every occasion

Disclaimer: I received a BUFF® Tech Fleece headband to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Hello friends! I’m still in the middle of my “do whatever I want” phase of running, where I don’t have any major races coming up. I might not ever leave this time haha. This morning I ran 8 miles with some speedy ones in between, just cause.

Although my running isn’t ramping up, I feel like my product reviews are! I just had the opportunity to try out another BUFF®. I have quite a history with them that goes back to when I got my very first one as a BibRave Pro. I like their practicality for sure when it comes to cooling/warmth/keeping sweat out of your eyes, or whatever is needed. I also like having SO many options as far as colors and types!

I’ll admit that I like to look a certain way when I run. It builds confidence to perform well. There’s a reason that Rocky wore those red, white and blue trunks (well technically he wore them because of Apollo Creed, but you get it). BUFFs have really become my thing.

BUFF® and I have history.

I’ve run in BUFFs of all shapes, sizes and materials. Some are designed for the heat and others for the cold. Some seem to work for everything! Tech Fleece is a slightly different material described as such by the website:

A technical headband for winter wear, the Tech Fleece Headband provides warmth and wind resistance, while drying quickly during high-intensity workouts. This wind-resistant headband made of brushed Carvico fabric, offers optimal protection from both cold and wind.


  • Stretchy polyester elastane with soft brushed fleece inside
  • Moisture wicking, quick drying, breathable
  • Light thermal protection
This guy seemed to like it.

I thought the Tech Fleece was softer and lighter than other materials I’ve used that were designed for winter. It was definitely warm enough. I took mine off my ears once I got going to compromise on the level of warmth. I’d like to try it in colder temperatures. I got down to the low 30s. The Tech Fleece dried quickly, which is nice in cold conditions, or any conditions really.

Warmth for the head, but let the hair out!


If you’re looking to warm your ears/head but prefer a headband to a full hat, BUFF® won’t disappoint. They give me what I need and also what I want. Tech Fleece is yet another quality product.

For 15% off, visit and sign up for emails from BUFF®.


3 Replies to “Product Review – BUFF® Tech Fleece – There’s one for every occasion”

  1. I’m back to wearing my buffs now that Texas weather is trying to pretend like we live on the east coast with temps in the 20s this week lol. Back to 60s this weekend 🙂 I get buffs from my trail races and wear them religiously.


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