Product Review (and giveaway) – Science in Sport Energy Gels – Quick fuel for quick splits!

Disclaimer: I received SiS gels to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Hello friends and runners (and runner friends)! It’s the middle of the summer and we’re all doing our best to survive it. I know plenty of us are ramping up in our training to get ready for whatever lies ahead. As we know, we have to work through the summer to kick butt in the fall. 🙂

Energy and hydration are always a part of what we need to worry about as endurance athletes, but never more than in the summertime. I’ve tried many products over the years for running fuel, but I’m always happy to find out what the options are. Gels are a common method of replenishing lost calories and electrolytes among runners, cyclists and other activities. BibRave introduced me to Science in Sport (SiS) and I’ve been trying them out over the last few weeks!

I was provided with a TON of SiS to try out, so of course I shared with friends! That allowed me to get some feedback from others since I don’t know EVERYTHING and I’m not ALWAYS right. 🙂

That’s like 3,600mg of caffeine right there. 🙂

I received 4 different types of SiS gels: The GO Energy + Double Caffeine (Double Espresso), The GO Energy + Electrolyte (Salted Strawberry and Lemon Mint) and the Isotonic Energy (Apple). I’ll go over each of them a bit. Big piece of info…the first 3 should be taken with water, but the Isotonic Energy Gels can stand alone. That’s a big advantage for those. They’re meant to get to our bodies quickly and easily. 🙂

GO Energy + Double Caffeine – I was pretty excited to try these, since there aren’t very many sources of 150mg of caffeine that you can take that will also provide you with some much needed calories/carbs. The flavor wasn’t a huge hit, even for those that like “coffee things”. That being said, I still take them frequently because that’s how good the caffeine kick is. I FELT LIKE I COULD LIFT A TRUCK! I switched it up and took one before runs at times, but also I took one when I had 5 miles left on a run. Either way is beneficial. I guess I just looked at the taste as taking medicine. You never know, you might like it.

GO Energy + Electrolyte (Salted Strawberry) – These were my winner as far as flavor goes. They are YUMMY. The name threw me off a little, but I think they are more like “not too sweet” strawberry. I could definitely use these regularly. Unfortunately, I only got 6 of them this time around. These were probably the most similar to other gel products that I’ve tried, but I like the texture more. They aren’t as thick, which I think will be especially better in the cold weather. Some gels turn pretty thick in the cold.


GO Energy + Electrolyte (Lemon Mint) – I’ll admit that the concept of lemon mint frightened me a little. It sounds more like a cough drop than a gel, but I was pleasantly surprised. These were lots of lemon and a touch of mint. Overall, since the nutritional aspect is the same I’d take the salted strawberry all day, but for variety’s sake I’m down with some lemon mint too.

Isotonic Energy (Apple) – I REALLY liked these. First off, I’m not a huge fan of carrying water for most of my runs but if you’re gonna use a gel, most of the time you need to. Not for these babies!  The apple flavor was delicious. It was a good middle ground between a “real apple” flavor and a “candy apple” flavor. I trusted the instructions and didn’t drink water when I took these and it seemed to work just fine. I finished my runs well when using these, so I guess the calories got where they needed to go. 🙂

My running buddies that tried these had mostly positive things to say about SiS. One valid concern was the size of the pouch compared to the amount of calories/carbs you get (90 calories, 22g of carbs). I get that, since every inch of pocket space counts for long activities. For me personally, I think that 90 calories a shot is about what I need and the most gels that I’ve ever taken for a marathon is 4. They are bigger than your average gel product, but I think I could manage to carry 4 of these.

Overall, I really enjoyed SiS products. None of the 4 messed with my tummy at all. I probably wouldn’t take more than one (maybe two) of the caffeinated gels on a single run. 300mg of caffeine might make me a little crazy. I think that in the future, I’ll likely pre-game with the electrolytes and use the isotonic mid-run until my last gel, which is when I’ll launch the caffeine!

The caffeine did that to my mustache.

If you’re interested in giving SiS a shot, use code TRYSIS25 for 25% off! You could also take a shot at WINNING some. 🙂

Below are the instructions and a link to my Instagram post. Right now, there are only like 5 people that are eligible to win so get in there!



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