This Week in Running – I’ve Got a Plan

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Hey hey hey! If you read my post last week, I wrote about how I needed to get my butt in gear with some structured training. Well, I was able to scratch my head for a bit and come up with a little somethin’.

Crunching the numbers.
Week Week Ending Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total
1 7/7/19 4 6 0 4 0 8 4 26
2 7/14/19 4 6 0 5 0 10 3 28
3 7/21/19 4 6 0 5 0 10 4 29
4 7/28/19 4 6 0 5 0 12 4 31
5 8/4/19 4 6 0 6 0 10 5 31
6 8/11/19 4 6 0 6 0 8 10 34
7 8/18/19 4 6 0 6 0 12 4 32
8 8/25/19 4 6 0 7 0 13 4 34
9 9/1/19 4 6 0 7 0 10 6 33
10 9/8/19 4 6 0 5 3.8 9.3 13.1 41.2
11 9/15/19 4 6 0 8 0 10 4 32
12 9/22/19 4 6 0 8 0 13 5 36
13 9/29/19 4 6 0 8 0 10 6 34
14 10/6/19 4 6 0 8 0 13 6 37
15 10/13/19 4 6 0 8 0 10 4 32
16 10/20/19 4 4 3 0 3.8 9.3 13.1 37.2

I’m very excited to have some structure again! The sad part is that I won’t be so flexible when it comes to the social aspect of running, but I’m SURE my friends will work with me. 🙂

This plan revolves around my participation in the Runner’s World Grand Slam, which is going to be unlike anything else I’ve done. I don’t plan to try and PR anything (though that hasn’t stopped me from PRing in the past), since I’ll be running 4 events in 3 days.

Here are some of the little details:

  • Monday and Wednesday will continue to be kettlebell days. Hooray!
  • Every other Monday will be a track day. I know Track Monday isn’t NEARLY as catchy as Track Tuesday, but we’ll get over it.
  • Thursdays are Tempo Thursdays!
  • Friday is a rest day (slowpitch softball day, actually), with the exception of one week where I’ll simulate the Grand Slam to see how I feel after a 5k/10k in the same day.

I start training next week, so I guess I’ll just enjoy the next few days and do what I feel like.

Anybody else write their own plans? Tell me what you think of mine. I promise you won’t hurt my feelings hehe.



21 Replies to “This Week in Running – I’ve Got a Plan”

  1. Yes, I do my own ‘plan’. Lol! I used to use Hal Higdon when I was new to running. So I basically just try to repeat that, some short runs during the week and a long weekend run , with some hill repeats and Stairmaster for good measure. Good luck!

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  2. First off Ariana, your last two post titles made me think of “I want it, I got it…” Haha!
    Awesome looking plan! You could name track day as Mo’ Track Monday 😃
    Happy training! I’m gonna have to pick a weekend to try out the distances too. I’m gonna be over here no-planning it.

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  3. For me Track Monday coming after back to back long(ish) runs on the weekend wouldn’t work. Also that makes 4 days in a row of running Sat, Sun, Monday & Tuesday with 2 hard workouts — track and long run. I’d have to split those 4 days somehow. Just my $.02 but then again I’m still being super super careful. LOL

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  4. Those 4 days in a row look tough. By Wednesday I’d be dying. But then again you’re younger than I am so you can handle them easier than I could. I do 5 days of running, but mine are M,T,Th,F,Sat. I know you have to work with your schedule and what you’ve got, though, so everyone’s different. Good luck!

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  5. Nice plan! Originally I was going to say I think you should go for 14 miles as your longest run but given you’re running 5 days a week I don’t think the endurance will be an issue. I don’t think I could ever commit to that many days of running, I like my DailyBurn workouts too much!

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  6. I ran my best when getting in plenty of easy runs, which meant I’d sometimes run six or even seven days a week. What do they call it, “chronic exercise”? Your body adapts to it. Or it might blow up, who knows! You’ll find out and make adjustments as you go along. Good luck 🙂

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  7. I don’t write my own plan, I generally use Garmin training plans. For me less is better. I run only 4 days a week, cross-train and/or rest the remainder of the week. I’m certain my body would already through a fit by Wednesday morning with your plan but everyone is different! What works for you is what you should do. I truly believe in strength, balance and core work for runners so is personally make sure that was in my plan. Good luck!

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    1. I’m with you on the Wednesday feelings. I’m going to see how it feels but I’m ready to adjust early if I need to. Several people have expressed similar thoughts and I probably need to listen. 😀


  8. Looks like an awesome set-up! Currently I am taking one-two days off a week, 1 or 2 days of HITT, 3 days of running (around 6 ish miles), and 1 day elliptical! Does that math add up? lol

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