This Week in Running – Can one run REALLY turn it all around?

Happy Friday, friends! We seem to be having beautiful weather here in Virginia today, so of course I’m not running haha.

This post will be short and sweet, because it’s really about ONE run. I believe that this ONE run is the run that is about to turn my 2019 running season around.

LL Cool J

I’ve been quite wishy-washy about my running. There are times where I think I’m ready to get back on my horse and start burning up the pavement, but there are other times where I get discouraged when I look at my watch and see that the pace is way slower than it feels.

I took on my first long run streak in May (read about that here, if you dare) which I enjoyed, but because I ran so many days in a row I didn’t run particularly fast or long. That left me feeling kind of blah for June.

6-13-19 Run
I wouldn’t have wanted to do 6??? But that’s my favorite distance??? What’s wrong with me??? 

Fast forward to yesterday (or rewind? Back to the Future…I’m so confused) where I agreed to go on a progression run with Brooke and Emily. I didn’t happen to notice how long they wanted to run and I’m glad I didn’t. We ended up doing 6 and honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted to. I found out when I asked them at around mile 2 haha.

They were good company and although the pace started to get a little uncomfy around mile 4, I didn’t seem to mind. At the last mile, we really got going. Brooke and I tend to push each other a bit at times. She would get 2 steps ahead and then I would do the same. Next thing you know, we’re flying. Brooke ended up leaving me behind in the last quarter mile (because she’s awesome), but when I saw the 6:46 last mile I was ECSTATIC!

Image result for pumped gif
Me, post run.

This run was perfect. It was 6 miles and a progression run, my two favorites combined. It was basically the cheeseburger with pulled pork on top of running. Did I mention there was coffee afterward?

Image result for turn around gif

So, what do you think? Can one run REALLY turn it all around?





14 Replies to “This Week in Running – Can one run REALLY turn it all around?”

  1. Pulled pork on top of the cheeseburger… haha! Love it! I DO believe one run can turn it around and I’m glad you were forced into it 😁 But like I’ve said, when you’re ready, you’ll be ready! And you be BACK back.

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  2. Today, I ran a 10K race, and it really pumped me up for the start of my NYC marathon training journey. We’ll see if these emotions continue through the summer.

    I’m glad the weather in Va is nice. I know that the summer humidity is no joke . . . at least in the southeastern portion of the state.

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  3. Sometimes it’s the best to not have a clear picture of the mileage before hand so you don’t psyche yourself out- but wow that pace is pretty insane- glad it went so well! How awesome to have such great friends to push you too! You’ve inspired me to find a running community once we are settled in our new place if time permits. Thanks for sharing, Ralph!

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    1. That’s so true! It’s weird, but when I have a planned distance I tend to start to get tired like 3/4 of the way into my runs, no matter what the distance is. It’s mental!

      That would be great if you can find a running community there, but remember that you have one here too. 🙂

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      1. I 100% know what you mean!!! It’s a total mental game.

        Aw that’s soo true!! The runner WP group is such an awesome group !

        Hope you are having a great weekend!

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