This week in Running – Hey yayyayyayyy, Run Miles Everyday

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Happy Friday! The title of this post should ring a bell with some of you 2000s music fans (2001 specifically, there’s your hint). Somebody needs to comment with the right answer or I’m going to lose faith in my readers! Either way, I hope you’re all having a good morning so far and a great weekend ahead.

So as you may know, I started a Run Streak as part of being in the BibRave Run Club on Strava. I feel like most of you know Strava well and are already a part of it, but if you aren’t you should be! There are many ways to track workouts and progress, but this one is the best one. The community aspect is great too! There’s a lot of encouragement to be found and motivation too. My oldest Run Streak was 9 days and here I am up to 17 and going strong!

No blanks since April 30th. 🙂

My mileage hasn’t increased a ton, since I’ve kept most of my runs short. I don’t have a reason to get TOO crazy with weekly totals, so I’m just gonna ride the streak. The plan is still to stop on June 1st, but you never know.

This could be me someday.

On another non-running related topic, I want to take a second to talk about our interactions with each other in the public forum that is social media, or even in person.

We’ve really lost our way, I think. People have always disagreed with each other. That will never change. It’s how we react to disagreeing with each other that has really changed. There often seems to be a “good vs. bad” or “right vs. wrong” process to a discussion, in which one side deems their view as one and another’s view as the other. That can make it pretty tough to work toward better answers, more progress, and what most of us want, a better world.

The next time you have discussions with someone that you may not agree with on a topic (or sometimes anything at all), please try to remember that most people want what they think is best for the world. Most people have people that they love and want the best for. Most people suffer losses and have fears. Most people are decent.

When we do disagree, try to see the other person’s side of the discussion. You still may not agree with it, but at least then you can better understand what leads the person to their position. It’s likely not hatred, or evil, just different.

I hope this didn’t come off as Run, Eat, Ralph climbing up on a soapbox. I just know so many of you are good people that want many of the same things. Sometimes it’s hard to see that.


11 Replies to “This week in Running – Hey yayyayyayyy, Run Miles Everyday”

  1. Your FACE is the answer to your stoopid song question. You owe me like 80 cookies so I’m not playing your stoopid games anymore. (Bahaha!)

    As for the other stuff, I couldn’t agree with you more. Well said. It’s a scary, scary world out there nowadays. So much hatred and not nearly enough good stuff.

    Congrats on the OSOM streak! Keep it up for as long as you want to!

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  2. Gotta admit just reading the lyrics had me stumped. Sorry to let you down! I at least recognized the song after I read the answer… and looked it up on YouTube haha.
    Congrats on 17 freaking days! Agreed on social media, but I don’t think it’ll ever get better. It’s the world’s biggest echo chamber and “fake news” now means “any information that doesn’t confirm my biases.” I do love a good meme though, so it’s not all bad.

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  3. I hope my non-running (or even any cardio besides walking for that matter) streak doesn’t surpass your running streak! Damn hamstring… Oh and thanks, now I’ll be singing that song for the rest of the day!

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