If it’s not on Strava, did it even Happen?


Disclaimer: I received an annual Strava Subscription and Strava merchandise as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find, and write race reviews!

We live in magical times when it comes to technology. We aren’t quite The Jetsons yet, but we do have it pretty good. There’s an app for everything. I’m going to introduce you to an app to help you track your active lifestyles, though many of you know ALL about it (not you, Brenton). I’m talkin’ bout Strava, man.

Strava is a magical place in which runners of all types (or active people in general, there are other activities too) can benefit. I’ve been on Strava for quite a while. I just checked and it seems that I joined on January 16,2016. My how time flies!

For those of you who don’t like a ton of fluff, it can simply be a place to log your workouts and have a convenient way to look back at progress or track totals.

For you social butterfly types, there’s a great social aspect to Strava where you can connect with other runners, join clubs (like this one), upload pics and share to other platforms, give/get kudos and make comments.

For you goal driven types, there are challenges all over the place! There’s even a way to create segments (LOTS of people have done them) where Strava tracks the top times for a given segment. You can chase yourself or you can chase others. I created a segment for my favorite lake loop (of COURSE I have the segment record haha).

I’m happy to be the CR holder for this segment that I created myself haha.

Strava has connectivity with lots of other running related apps, which I think is a HUGE benefit. I ran with a specific brand of watch for a long time that has its own platform for logging activities. I decided to switch brands, which could have been trouble for those of us that really care about history. Luckily, the brands had Strava in common, so I had a seamless transition to the new brand.


The layout is great too and there are plenty of awesome stats for you running nerd types, like me. There are options to get even MORE in depth with your training performance with the Summit plans.

For those of you already using Strava, come find me! For those of you that aren’t, sign up and come find me!





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