This Week in Running – I Wanna (Sham)Rock!!!

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to the Shamrock Half Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

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Susanna Hoffs was kind of my favorite.

It’s just another Manic Monday, but we’ve just about made it through. Daylight savings time can be a real beast. My kids are so confused! Charlie keeps seeing how much light there is outside and getting SO disappointed when it’s time to get ready for bed. Poor guy.

I hit 28.9 miles last week, which is the most since December. I guess I’m ramping up. I finished the week with back to back to back 6 mile runs! I really love a 6 mile run and I think I could do one everyday for the rest of my life.

My week was pretty standard at first. I ran some miles. I drank some coffee. Thursday brought basketball. Also on Thursday, I found out what the prizes were for an awesome contest that my employer had put together. The focus is to eliminate certain things from our diets for a short time and to see how our bodies react. The top 3 in weight loss (by percentage) are eligible for some nice stuff.

I had weighed in at the beginning of the year, with some holiday bulk (all lean muscle mass, of course) at a hefty 193.6 pounds. Over the course of several weeks, I naturally got back down to about 185. Thursday night, I got the crazy idea to get myself down as much as possible and figured I’d need to get to my marathon race weight of about 178. I started eating less while running the same. I didn’t drink any alcohol and I didn’t eat any snacks or sweets.

The weight fell off in a hurry and going into Sunday I was down to 179! I decided to cut back on water and eat the bare minimum. Monday morning I weighed 178, but I didn’t want to cut it too close so I hopped on the treadmill in some thick pants and a long sleeved shirt to sweat off some weight. Indeed I sweated off some weight and ended up weighing in at 175.4 pounds. I immediately drank 32oz of water and ate a bucket of tortellini for breakfast haha.

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Me, right after weighing in.

I haven’t heard if I won a prize yet, and honestly I maybe don’t deserve to. I really only gave something up for a few days. I’m sure there are more deserving people. That being said, I’ll take a Garmin watch!

Crazy part of my week, Part 2: I SIGNED UP FOR THE SHAMROCK HALF! Unexpectedly, the opportunity to run this race came to my attention (thank you BibRave). I’ve always wanted to run Shamrock. I used to live in Virginia Beach, so we have history. I love St. Paddy’s Day and I love Yuengling. I’ve usually assumed that there’s no way I could run this one because it falls very near my wife and my daughter’s birthdays.

I’m THIS excited.

Things just fell into place. I have a place to stay (thanks Clark and Abby!) right near the start/finish. I’m going to head down Saturday evening and do some socializing before the big day. Sunday I’ll handle my business and enjoy the legendary post-race celebration. There will be Yuengling, oh yes, there will be. The finisher medal opens bottles too and who doesn’t like THAT? Of course, Yuenglings twist off anyway.

I really have to thank my wife who will hold things down while I’m gone. Once again, I owe her one.


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      1. Thanks! I know it can be tough to peak for a 50 miler and a 5k at the same time. I definitely know that 50 milers and back to backers are your jam. I’m always impressed. 🙂

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