There’s More to Life than Running?!

Hey, hey hey! It’s a snowy Saturday night here in Virginia and I’m watching some playoff football. This seems like a pretty good time to post a little something. Welp, I didn’t make it all that far and now it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m watching some playoff football. How time flies!

As of now, I’m treating 2019 a little differently. They are resolutions or anything like that. Jen and I have a mantra. We are DOERS! It’s basically about being a go-getter type and doing things now, rather than putting them off. We’ve been doing a bit of work around the house, mostly related to moving furniture around and tidying up, organizing, etc. I’m supposed to put some shelving up in Kayli’s room today, but football. We’ll see what wins.

As far as running goes, I’m not being a go-getter type at all. Week 1 of 2019 was a total of 15.3 miles and this week I’ve run 16.9 miles, unless I decide to run today (it’s a bit icy). What’s up with all of these non-round numbers? That’s so unlike me.

I’ve mostly stuck to social runs or any occasion quick one on the treadmill. I haven’t run any long runs, or any tempos or any track workouts. If the post-run involves coffee, I’m likely to attend.

Where there is coffee, there you will find me.

My non-running workouts have been going well. I’ve quietly gotten a bit stronger than when I started. I FEEL stronger too, and that’s big. I think it helps that I’m not “saving myself” for any runs right now. On kettlebell days, the kettlebells come first.

I think this week I’m going to run fast at least once. I also think I might try a 10 mile run. I don’t feel any urgency to do these things, but I’m getting a little itchy. It’s really cool to not have a training plan. This isn’t going to last forever and soon I should know how long it might last.

Image result for need for speed gif
I feel the need.

I’ll be figuring out my race calendar this month. I’d like to quit my job and run races all the time, but that’s not in the cards. I hope to run at least one marathon and at least two races that involve some travel. I also hope that some of my races lead to meeting up with some of you “regulars” that I’ve gotten to know through virtual conversation. We shall see…



7 Replies to “There’s More to Life than Running?!”

  1. I love cleaning out clutter and throwing stuff away or dropping it off at Goodwill! Watching football is pretty fun too. Sounds like you’re finding a nice balance!

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  2. Any day I can accomplish something (besides my actual job) physically by working out, mentally by reading or writing or watching something educational, and around the house be it cooking or cleaning I consider that a balanced, successful day. Plus it makes those days of Netflix binges a little less guilt inducing 😛

    If you’re eyeballing any races in PA for the year my crew is looking at running the Turkey Hill Country Classic half marathon on May 4th. They’ve also mentioned a “Dutchmen” half marathon in June (haven’t looked that up yet) that two ran last year and said has a ton of food afterwards. I also want to run the Hershey half marathon in Oct.

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