Product Review – Zwift Run Foot Pod and App – Surviving the Treadmill

Disclaimer: I received a foot pod from Zwift to test as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Good morning! For me, it’s one of those Mondays that really just kind of connects to my last Friday. I feel like I never really had a weekend. It’s weird and annoying when that happens, but we shall power through.

As a BibRave Pro, I’ve tested ALL kinds of things! I’ve tested shoes, earphones, headwear, food, drinks and even pillows! Today’s review involves a word that makes most runners cringe….the TREADMILL.

The treadmill can be great for many things. I’ve said plenty about why I do like it once in a while (like this Tweet). That being said, it can get BORING. We’re mostly looking for ways to kill time while we’re on it. Zwift might just have one.

It’s not ALL bad.

Zwift is a platform that allows you to cycle/run on virtual roads with both reality based and fantasy courses. There are other aspects that make it intriguing, like training programs and guided workouts. There is also a social aspect using the Zwift community that can rather for “run club” events. You can even schedule your own!

You need a treadmill, Zwift Foot Pod and a device capable of running the Zwift platform (I used an iPhone…more about that later). I’d also recommend use of the Zwift Companion App, which made the social aspect and scheduling much easier.

From there, you calibrate the device by running at a few different paces and away you go! I had some difficulty getting a good calibration at a variety of paces at first, but my advice would be to run as naturally as possible. I think that I was affecting the calibration by trying to run a certain way instead of just doing my thing. I had the most success on my most recent run.

Now about this iPhone thing…the app ate my battery life like nobody’s business. It was fine for shorter runs of a few miles, but a long run might not have made it. Ideally, I’d have used a tablet but I only ran at the gym where I just couldn’t support the use of a tablet or laptop. The other downside to the iPhone was the size of my screen. I think a bigger screen would have improved my experience, so i can’t blame the app for that! 🙂

In a home gym setting, I think Zwift would be AWESOME. I just need to buy a treadmill now.

A group tempo with Team BibRave!

I went out for a group tempo run with others from Team BibRave and it was pretty fun. I couldn’t be as “chatty” as I would have liked, but I think a tablet would help that. I’d love for headsets to be used with actual conversation and maybe that can happen at some point. The tempo aspect was really cool. Zwift would tell me when to change my pace and for how long to change it. Zwift would also encourage me once in awhile and who doesn’t want THAT?!

Finding the run for me and scheduling it.

I joined a Monday Run Club today! You can pick your time and your pace. Once I chose the one for me, it even added the run to my phone’s calendar for me and set a reminder. I liked that a lot!

The beach was beautiful hehe.

I calibrated just before the run and Zwift agreed pretty well with the treadmill. I got a quick 2 miler in before I had to get back to work, so I didn’t get the whole run in. I would have loved to see the post-run festivities!

There are lots of interesting things to look at while running. I finally spotted the blimp that had been flying around!

In conclusion, I’d say that Zwift Run is an interesting way to make the treadmill less boring. During these winter months where we’re on the treadmill more often, I’d say that’s a big deal. I really liked the structured runs where Zwift is telling me what to do. The unpredictability is nice to keep the run entertaining and keeps me on my toes.

I look forward to seeing more of the virtual courses as well. As far as the social aspect of Zwift, I’ll probably need more time to get acquainted with how to best use them but it could be pretty fun to virtually run with running buddies from social media. Get a pod and join up!

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