What to Post When not Running – My Top 5 Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors Episodes!

Hello! Running isn’t going all that well for me at the moment, so I’m taking a break from doing it, posting about it, and hopefully thinking about it.

Halloween is coming up, and one of my traditions is to bust out the fall beers and watch all of the Treehouse of Horrors episodes that the Simpsons have to offer. They are HILARIOUS. The first episode ran back in 1990, so they’ve been around for a chunk of my life. It’s awesome now that I can watch them with my oldest child. She loves them so far!

October is finally here and have a few traditions. As we all know, there is pumpkin EVERYTHING out there for us to consume but I mainly stick to pumpkin beers. Some can be kind of gross, but when you find a good one it’s a very good one. Unfortunately, it seems that the pumpkin beers start hitting the shelves in August. I have a strict rule that I won’t start drinking them until October 1. That rule keeps them special. Plus, who wants to drink a pumpkin beer when you’re still sweating to death in the summer heat?

The other tradition is that I watch every Treehouse of Horrors episode from the Simpsons. I grew up with them as a kid and looked forward to them almost as much as I looked forward to candy. The great part is that although they have childish humor that a kid can enjoy, they are also hilarious to adults.

Marge always came out on stage and warned us how scary the show would be.

There are so many great episodes, but I’ll stick to the top 5. I don’t have the energy to write a top 10 and it’s likely that you all don’t have the time or patience to read through all of it.

#5 – Season 2 – This was the first and maybe the best. It had “Bad Dream House”, a haunted house story in which a house would rather cease to exist than try to live in peace with the Simpsons. It also had “Hungry are the Damned”, where the Simpsons are abducted by aliens that strangely feed the Simpsons a grand feast with every meal. Were they fattening the Simpsons up to eat them? We may never know. The final piece was “The Raven”, a great version of Poe’s classic.

Never more.

#4 – Season 5 – This the 4th Treehouse of Horrors episode started out with “The Devil and Homer Simpson”, a classic in which Homer sells his soul to Satan (Ned Flanders) for a donut. Homer outsmarts the devil by leaving a donut crumb, but ends up eating it late at night. Homer ends up in devil court (I guess that’s a thing) to plead his case for keeping his soul and ends up winning on a legalistic loophole (just like real life!). The second piece is “Terror at 5 1/2 feet”, a story about a Gremlin-like creature trying to destroy the school bus that Bart is riding on. He’s the only one that sees. The third part is “Bart Simpson’s Dracula”. It’s basically a satire of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but with Monty Burns playing the creepy Dracula part.

Who HASN’T considered selling their soul for a donut? He has goat legs.

#3 – Season 14 – Most of the really good episodes to me are earlier ones but this one sneaks in. Sadly, none of the really new ones are on the list. Could just be a nostalgia thing. The first segment is “Send in the Clones”. Homer uses a magically cursed hammock to clone himself, which of course he goes way overboard with and creates clones galore. The clones create clones and things get wacky. It’s pretty much that movie Multiplicity, but funnier. The second part is “The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms”, which is basically the best argument ever formed against gun control. Springfield becomes a gun-free town (thanks to SJW Lisa Simpson) and is overrun by zombie Billy the Kid and others. There’s also time travel involved. Very deep. The third part is “The Island of Dr. Hibbert”, a parody of The Island of Dr. Moreau. Long story short, many Simpsons characters get turned into hybrid animal freaks by Dr. Hibbert. Marge becomes a sexually charged panther and Homer doesn’t seem to notice (or care).

The clones are lured off of a cliff with giant donuts. 

#2 – Season 7 – All 3 parts of this one were fantastic! The first part “The Thing and I” was a story about Bart and Lisa discovering Bart’s “evil” twin (Hugo) living in their attic. Homer and Marge had him locked up and fed him nothing but fish heads. In the end, Dr. Hibbert saves the day but the plot twist is that BART was the evil twin. Shocking, right? I still joke about feeding people fish heads to this day. The second piece is titled “The Genesis Tub”. A tiny society develops in Lisa’s tooth/science fair project and worships her as a Goddess. Bart tries to sabotage it and becomes the feared enemy. The third piece is “Citizen Kang”. Lovable aliens Kang and Kodos plot to take over Earth by becoming Bill Clinton and Bob Dole. Much of their political satire still rings true today, sadly.

Fish heads, anyone?

And the number 1 Treehouse of Horrors episode IS…

Season 6!

All 3 parts of this episode are absolutely hilarious. The episode starts with “The Shinning”, a clear rip-off of The Shining (Groundskeeper Willie admits they changed the name to avoid being sued). Homer plays a great Jack Nicholson and utters the famous line, “No TV and no beer make Homer go crazy.”

“Don’t mind if I do!”

The 2nd part, “Time and Punishment” has our hero Homer “fixing” his toaster and somehow turning it into a time machine. He soon learned of “The Butterfly Effect” by accidentally killing a prehistoric creature. This leads to various alternate universes. Eventually, Homer tries the opposite approach and kills everything he can hit with a club. The highlight is when Homer ends up at breakfast with a wealthy and proper family only to quickly leave when he asks for a donut and Marge doesn’t know what a donut is. Ironically, it rains donuts in that universe.

It’s raining again.

The third part is titled “Nightmare Cafeteria”. The elementary school has two problems: Detention is overpopulated and the cafeteria has a food shortage. What do you do? Obviously, you cook children and serve them for lunch! Some of the best one-liners ever are in this episode (thanks Principal Skinner) and the dish “Uter-braten” is invented.

“You remember when I said I’d “make something” out of Jimbo?”

Well, I hope you enjoy this top 5 and if you haven’t watched them, now’s the time.

Anybody else have any suggestions or favorite Treehouse of Horror moments? If so, please share!


10 Replies to “What to Post When not Running – My Top 5 Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors Episodes!”

  1. Wait…you’re not running? Awww… so sorry to hear that! when our kids were young, we wouldn’t allow them to watch the Simpsons. Too crude. Until my hubby and I watched an episode and were literally laughing until tears streamed down our faces. Then we let them watch. Always looked forward to their Halloween episodes!

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    1. I ran on 6 on Friday and was so sore the next day that I decided that I need a real break, not just a few days. I’m taking off for a full week at least.

      I eased my soon to be 12 year old into the earlier episodes and it’s been fine. It’s amazing what we considered “crude” back then and what is considered “crude” now. Where are we heading?


  2. I was not allowed to watch The Simpsons growing up (my dad HATED any show with a “smart aleck” kid and I’m pretty sure Bart was at the top of the list), but my brother and I snuck in a few episodes since we were such rebels. The only Treehouse of Horror I remember was one where Homer got a hair transplant, but it was the mullet of Snake, who’d recently been executed, and it turned Homer evil. In the end, Homer ripped the mullet off his own head and it was running around on its little “party in the back” legs when Chief Wiggum shot it dead. Poor evil mullet!
    Rank pumpkin beers next! And then hopefully you’ll be back to running and writing about it!

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  3. Sorry to read about the lack of running. I know it’s not what you want. Part of me thinks I need some time off but I am running so few miles as it is. Then I have trainwreck races like yesterday and start to wonder more.

    Is it sad that I have never seen an episode of The Simpsons?


  4. I love the Simpsons – my husband got me hooked! I hear you on running…it is not going that awesome for me at the moment. I hope we both find our joy in running again, soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My wife and I used to watch the Simpsons every single week way back when we were dating and newlyweds. Tough to find the time these days.

      We WILL find our joy in running again, I’m sure of it. 😀


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