Rehoboth Beach Marathon Training Week 7 – Do you even train, Bro?

Good morning! I’m a little late in my training recap this week, but I was on vacation! I went on a road trip with my mom and dad through Chicago and up to good ol’ Sheboygan, WI.

I’ve had to shut my training down quite a bit. I’m pretty bummed out about it to be honest. I worked SO hard to come back from my Achilles injury and it just seems to be hurdle after hurdle that I’m having to jump over. I’ll have amazing runs where everything seems to be coming together, followed by sufferfests with heavy legs or phantom pains (usually involving my right hip/quad/groin).

I think my baby calf has caused me some imbalances that seem to be taking their toll. I’m at the point where I can shut it down completely for a while or just cut back and see how my body reacts. I’m continuing to see my PT and getting dry needled. I think that really does help.

Since I didn’t do anything resembling my training last week, I’m not going to bother showing what was planned. I’ll need to modify my training plan soon anyway. Boo.

Monday through Thursday – REST (no running)

I rested on Monday through Thursday and definitely noticed some improvement from how I was feeling when I shut my run down the previous Sunday.

Friday – 5.29 miles in CHICAGO!

My leg didn’t feel great, but it was good enough. I was careful to stretch afterward. How could I NOT run here? Look at that view. The weather was so cool too! I really was falling in love with Chicago.

Saturday – 5 miles

Great to meet my first BibRave Pro! Thanks for a great run, Ben.

I was happy to get another run in while visiting Chicago and even better was the fact that I met up with a fellow BibRave Pro! Ben’s a speedy runner, but he kept it at a pace that was just right for me.

Sunday – 4 miles

This hotel was AWESOME. We’ll be coming back with the kids. There’s an indoor water park!

Sunday’s weather was definitely fall weather. It was in the low 50s with strong wind and a little rain. I was cold, but pretty happy to be cold for a change. Coming back to the 80s weather of VA wasn’t fun. I bought a bunch of awesome fall beers in WI (mostly from 3 Sheeps Brewing, they have AMAZING beer), but I don’t want to drink them yet. I want it to FEEL like fall. Is that weird?

Do not open until the weather is sub 55 degrees.

My week in running wasn’t anywhere close to what it needed to be for me to get ready for Rehoboth Beach. Out of town miles are quality miles though. I need to be smart about how I handle this. I didn’t work so hard to come back only to hang up my running shoes again.

The Cardinals lost. It didn’t matter.

I had such a great time with my parents. We spent 30 hours in the car together. We caught a ball game and ate deep dish pizza. My mom and I had a drink and watched people. I love them both. My wife held down the fort at home with the 3 kids to allow the trip to happen. I love her too.

I hope to have better news in running next week. We shall see.


15 Replies to “Rehoboth Beach Marathon Training Week 7 – Do you even train, Bro?”

  1. I love Chicago! The time I went, I was there in September too so I also got the good weather. I couldn’t handle winter there.
    I do not love that you’ve still got pain while running. Not fair!


  2. Sheboygan 🙂 I like how that’s one of those words that’s pronounced just as it looks.

    I did a complete shutdown of my running when the shin thing started. I’m not sure if it would be feeling as good as it does right now if I hadn’t. However, the no-running for a month has been killing me and I feel REALLY out of shape already. We are a mess, eh?!

    I know it has to be hard to have this set-back after what you’ve been through but just remember the amazing progress you’ve made – it hasn’t even been a year yet. The injury you had was MAJOR so it’s still super impressive to me that you’re almost fully back. It seems the issues that you are having are probably completely normal for your recovery. Hopefully one day soon, things will be back to normal – for us both.

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  3. Lol- your writing is cracking me up. Looks like a wonderful time, but I hope that baby calf doesn’t give you too much more trouble. Deep dish sounds soo delicious right now, it’s been years since I’ve had any!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like maybe I would have been better off never having eaten deep dish. I can’t go back to “regular” (shallow dish?) pizza.

      The baby calf will grow up someday, I hope.


  4. Chicago is awesome! I’m heading there tomorrow with Jason to visit friends of ours. This will be my 3rd visit. After eating their deep dish Pizza Hut surely can’t compare right? I actually found out the Chicago marathon is Sunday morning which might cause a change up in our plans due to not being able to get downtown for several hours. I think it’d be cool if I got to watch portions of it though so we’ll see!

    Glad you got some running in… I’m guilty of treating vacations as true vacations and not working out (save a run or two in Ocean City MD) – fingers crossed all the rest has helped and you can get back on track!

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