Rehoboth Beach Marathon Training Week 7 – Insane in the Brain

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

There’s a meme, so he must have said it.

I’ve heard the quote above before, but nobody REALLY knows where it came from. Some credit Albert Einstein and he’s a pretty smart guy from what I gather. This quote came to me most recently when I started to look over my last couple of weeks of training.

8 of my last 10 runs weren’t good ones, based on what I named them. That’s a problem.

Week 7 was not a good week. It’s a shame, because there are flashes of everything coming together. I’m miles away from where I was just a few months ago. My stride is back. Even my speed is back. The issue is that I’m in pain. I could probably run through it, but is that how I want to live? Marathons are great and all, but so is chasing down my kids without grimacing due to pain from a strained quad. My surgically repaired Achilles is just fine, but I think it’s causing the rest of me a bit of trouble.

Monday – Planned 3 miles easy/Actual X-Training Only

This is consistent with Monday and Wednesday being optional run days, but this was the first Monday that I skipped. I had to quit early on Sunday’s run, so I figured that meant I should rest a day or so (or at least not run). My afternoon kettlebell workout was no rest though. It’s just not running. I’m LOVING these workouts. I’m more comfortable with the movements and have gotten stronger.

Tuesday – Planned 8 miles easy/Actual 8 miles easy

This run went pretty well, or at least I didn’t have anything bad to say about it. Truthfully, I don’t think any of my runs have been pain-free. It’s more a question of how tolerable they are. This one was pretty tolerable. My main problem has been with runs like this one. They make me think that everything is going to be fine if I just power through. Insanity.

Wednesday – Planned 4 miles easy/Actual 1 mile easy 

I had planned to run 2, then kettlebell it up, then 2 more. Time was not on my side and neither was my right leg. It just didn’t feel right. After 1 mile on the manual treadmill, I didn’t want any more. I worked out like a beast on those kettlebells though. 🙂

Thursday – Planned 5 x Hill Repeats/Actual Nada

I was starting to get sick AND my leg hurt. I figured sleep was important, so I pushed them off until after work. Once that time came, I pushed them off again until the next day. Bleh.

Friday – Planned Rest/Actual 4 miles

I titled this one on Strava “trying to run the sick out”. I decided I was doing enough just to run at all, so I skipped the “hill repeat” part and just ran. My attempt to run the sick out was unsuccessful, as I am still sick while typing this recap. Insanity.

Saturday – Planned 8 miles at MP/Actual 6 miles at MP

I was STILL sick. My leg still hurt. I smartly compromised and cut a couple of miles off while still maintaining the marathon pace. It really went well! The Pegasus Turbos sure help. I can say nice things about them all day long and I like them so much that I wrote many kind words about them (read here, if you want to). My leg was a little uncomfortable at first, but it seemed to “warm up”. This run gave me hope, just like other runs have.

Sunday – Planned 16 miles/Actual 6 miles

The wheels finally fell off. I slept in to give myself the rest that I knew I needed. This meant that I’d have to run in the evening. The weather was a little muggy, but it was about 8-10 degrees cooler than what we’ve been dealing with. I can’t blame the weather. My leg was sore from the first step until the last one. I kept hoping that it would just warm up and feel better, but that never happened. I thought about toughing out the whole run. Long runs are the vital piece of marathon training, I told myself. The thought of 10 more miles of dragging my right leg with each step was a bit more than I could stand, not to mention I’m still sick. I wisely called it quits.

I’m resting today. I’m considering resting until I wake up pain free. I’ve already started to modify my training plans for best and worst cases. I do think I can still get trained up for a good marathon. I’m trying not to freak out. I used up all of my patience while rehabbing for 6 months. I don’t have any more. I don’t have a choice though. I can’t keep doing what I’ve been doing. That’s insanity.





11 Replies to “Rehoboth Beach Marathon Training Week 7 – Insane in the Brain”

  1. urgh. the run have bad runs is lame, but you’re doing well and a little rest at this point won’t hurt you for the race in December it is, right? So I say be smart, let the sick go away and the pain go away (like 2 days?) and then get back out there?

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  2. It’s hard not to want to just push through the pain, especially when things start feeling like they’re falling into place. People like us start feeling like caged animals when we can’t do what we want to do. I think it’s wise not to run until you feel pain free – hopefully it’s something that can go away with some rest. In case it isn’t, do what you can to help fix things (PT, XT, etc.). You’ve got this!

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  3. Beeeen there, experienced that! I totally get that feeling of running burnout. I’m glad you listened to the legs and took some time to rest! So important. Also, love that quote by “Einstein” or whoever haha.

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  4. Sounds like you’re not able to “run the sick out” so you’re better off taking the time needed to recover. With the cross training you’re doing I think you’ll stay on track. My husband doesn’t run as often/as far as I do yet he work outs a lot and anytime he joins me he usually outruns me on short runs (4-5 miles) so there’s a lot to be said for cross training.

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  5. I admire your dedication to specific plans. I’m sure I would be faster if I could do that, but I can only commit to 3 runs a week mentally. Anything extra is a bonus. I run so many hills on the routes I do that I don’t ever feel hill workouts are a true necessity (though I did do 2 for fun this summer) and I’m just lazy in terms of speed workouts. My one running buddy Todd (who I found out is doing the Rehobeth Marathon for sure!) is trying to talk me into adding them into my routine. I guess they just remind me too much of high school practices and being forced to run or something.

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  6. I know it’s tough not to workout while sick. But it’s best to rest and recover. The body is not going to get stronger or faster while sick because it wants to devote its efforts for healing. Mentally, you may feel better exercising while sick, but physically you are doing the opposite.

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  7. Ugh, sickness on top of a nagging ache in the leg that wasn’t surgically repaired over the winter? Sucks! No advice (because I know I’d just try to ‘run through’ a sore leg too and I don’t want to be a hypocrite) but I hope you can get it back on track!

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