Rehoboth Beach Marathon Training Week 6 – I’ve got that Summertime, Summertime Sadness

Another Monday is here. We all know that Mondays suck, but it still feels good to complain about them. My post title is from a song that will undoubtedly work its way into your brain today and for that I am sorry.

At least I didn’t rupture an Achilles.

I wish I had more awesomeness to post about, but this week from a running perspective didn’t end so well. I’ve been dealing with a hip/quad/I don’t really know issue. It caused me to short a run yesterday and I’m likely taking today off as well. I’m trying not to let it get me down. Let’s recap and figure out where the wheels fell off haha.

Monday – Planned 3 miles easy/Actual 3 miles easy

I hit the treadmill for these. That decision was partially because I had run such a hilly long run the day before but also to reduce the impact to my beaten up hip and get out of the stupid humidity.

I cross-trained with a beatdown from Jill. I had company to suffer with me. There were kettlebells all over the room!

Tuesday – Planned 7 miles easy/Actual 7 miles easy

This one turned into a progression run by accident. My first miles were over 9:00 pace and I ended up with the last ones being sub 8:00. I guess sometimes you just do what you feel. More on that later.

I titled my post, “Don’t tell my hip, my achy breaky hip” so I guess this is where things started to get ugly.

Wednesday – Planned 3 easy/Actual Cross-Training Only

I’m sticking with having Monday and Wednesday as optional run days, although I try to run at least one of them every week. This one ended up being a 6:30am kettlebell butt whoopin’. I didn’t have it in me to run after that.

I also had some physical therapy, including dry needling. We focused mainly on my hip, but I think I needed my entire right leg above the knee done.

Thursday – Planned 5x800m/Actual 35 minute Tempo

I switched things around from last week to join Brooke at the track. Hal says that’s ok. These tempos aren’t what I would traditionally do for a tempo, but I kinda like them. You get to peak speed somewhere in the middle of the run and not for very long. I stepped on the pedal some at peaked somewhere around a 6:20 pace. My right leg didn’t feel right, but it didn’t stop me either.

Friday – Rest

I was happy to have a rest day. That’s a sign that I needed it.

Saturday – Planned 7 miles at MP/Actual 7 miles at MP

This run felt GREAT. Part of that was the strong breeze that came in. Part of that was a great night’s sleep. It went so well that I forgot all about my bum leg while I was running.  I ran in my old Hokas and missed them quite a bit. I guess they aren’t so old after all. My confidence was sky high! Afterward, I dealt with the semi-sore leg with a great deal of stretching and rolling. I thought I was going to be fine.

Non-running note: I spent the evening celebrating the marriage of my friends Jonas and Ches. It was a great time with great friends. I didn’t dance, so as not to aggravate my right leg.

Rain couldn’t stop our fun.

Sunday – Planned 10 miles easy/Actual 6 miles awful

I knew going in that this wasn’t going to go well. I’d been waking up a little sore in the hip/quad for the last few days, but generally it would “warm up” and be ok. I woke up a little worse and it didn’t warm up. I cringed at the first step of the run, but since we were running easy I decided to give it a chance.

After an emergency potty break, everything got worse. 2 miles in and I was doubting that I’d make 10. The thought that the further I ran ahead, the longer I’d be walking back crept in. I finally let Brooke and Ed know that I was turning around at mile 3. I hated saying that.

Once I turned around and they left me to my own pain, I started to walk and stretch. After a couple of minutes, I tried to get going. Nope. Walk. Stretch. Repeat. Try again. After a few of those, I was able to pick it back up and get going again. It was tolerable. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it, but I did it.

Listen to your body! Your body will whisper, then it will speak and finally it will SCREAM. My quad whispered to me at the track 2 weeks ago, but the tweak went away as I got going and so of course I moved on and ignored it. My hip spoke to me after my 14 miler last week. I took some Aleve and kept on trucking all week until I couldn’t.

I’m starting this week out by exercising my right not to run on Mondays. I’m going to get a good night’s sleep tonight and see how I feel tomorrow morning. I have 8 miles scheduled. I won’t run if I don’t feel close to normal.

Anybody else dealing with this nagging crap? Are you training through it? What’s the most mileage you’ve ever gotten out of a single pair of shoes?

15 Replies to “Rehoboth Beach Marathon Training Week 6 – I’ve got that Summertime, Summertime Sadness”

  1. Ugh, what’s happening to us?! I’m sorry you’re dealing with more crap. Why does it always seem to hit when you’re on a roll? Nice weather is coming so we can’t have all this going on when it does. Here’s to hoping we both bounce back quickly!

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  2. Sorry about the nagging pain, but it sounds like you’re being a little smarter about it this time around. Hoping some extra rest nips it in the bud!
    The most miles I put on a pair of shoes was 1200? or so… I wasn’t keeping track but I’d been wearing them for months. They were NB Minimuses, so my thinking was there was nothing in them to break down, so I could just keep going and going in them. Shockingly, I wound up with what I’m pretty sure was a stress fracture in my big toe and had to take six weeks off to let it heal. I don’t do that anymore!

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      1. Yeah, I really thought I’d hit on the secret to cheap running — unlimited mileage shoes! Then I found out why “they” recommend 300 to 500 miles max. As long as the Cliftons aren’t causing/contributing to the hip pain, I say push ’em a little further.

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  3. Whisper, talk, scream is a great way to put it! My Achilles is at the talk stage, but it usually is as it was damaged in an accident- I just keep going and make a note to get my RMT to work on it

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  4. Back when I only ran 4-6 miles at a time, I could get up to 700-800 miles on a pair. Now I feel good at half that. Sounds like you’ve got a stride imbalance, I’ll bet from that Achilles thing. PT would probably recommend hip strengthening exercises. Good luck.

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    1. I believe you’re right. I’m working on the hip strengthening as we speak. Also, I think part of my problem is related to my form during “easy” runs. I think I’ve been overstriding.


  5. Ok, is it weird that we are both doing Higdon plans and are both having right leg issues? I’ve been thankful that I chose the low mileage one as I would be missing runs otherwise.😒
    Most miles I’ve ever gotten out of shoe was around 450ish but it’s usually around 200ish. I’m abusive.😒

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