? Marathon Training Week 2 Recap – Looking for “The One”

Good morning! I’m multi-tasking by stretching, sipping on a coffee and trying to get some thoughts out here. Week 2 is in the books (or on Strava) and I have much to be happy about and thankful for. I broke a 30 mile week this week! I ran an 11 miler! These are big steps since the days of tearing my achilles. 🙂

These recaps are going to be a little dorky with the planned vs. actual stuff, but this blog is part journal. I hope I don’t lose too many of you along the way haha.

Monday – Planned 3 miles/Actual 3 miles

I’m SO happy that Mr. Higdon’s training plan allows me to run some short and easy runs. My last training plan was all business, which made me not much of a social runner unless you count the track warmups. These easy runs also allow me to mix in a little cross-training. That is where Hal and I disagree. I’m supposed to pick one or the other, but I think if I make the miles truly easy and don’t go TOO crazy on the x-training it’ll be fine.

I’ve been doing kettlebell workouts to cross-train and it’s been GREAT. I started out hating it, mostly because I felt like I was so bad at it. My swings are much better and I’m starting to improve my squats. This stuff will pay off. I’m thankful that my work keeps an amazing trainer on staff and that I am able to schedule workouts with her for free. Jill has kept me going and truly does a great job. I’m not easy to work with.

Tuesday – Planned 5 miles easy/Actual 5 miles easy

More easy miles! This means more coffee and friends. I’m living the dream.

Wednesday – Planned 3 miles/Actual 3 miles

I don’t have a problem. YOU have a problem.

Nothing spices up a run like trying out a new pair of shoes! NO I didn’t ACTUALLY kiss the shoe, although I wanted to. These Nike Frees feel great! They are light as a feather and are a great blend of cushion and responsiveness. The best part is that they were $53.

I also cross-trained again. We worked on “get ups” using a kettlebell. They are horrible and I suck at them. I’ll get better.

Thursday – Planned 30 Minute Tempo/Actual 30 Minute Tempo

Mr. Higdon’s training plan describes tempos in a way that is a bit different than what I’ve ever done. I’m going to try it his way for now. I basically did 10 minutes easy, then a 15 minute progression and only ran a hard pace for 5 minutes or so. I finished it up with 5 minutes easy. My normal tempos involved a 1 mile warmup then the entire run at a fairly uncomfortable pace. Then I’d cool down for a mile. I’ll probably do both types during this training period.

Friday – Rest Day! (Softball Tournament)

Rest days are awesome. I only get one a week, so I really appreciate it when it comes. We did have a softball tournament to play, so it wasn’t ALL rest. We lost the first game and won the 2nd. That meant at least one game on Saturday. For the record, I love playing softball with these people. They are a fun bunch.


Saturday – Planned 5 miles easy/Actual 5 miles easy (with pickups) + Softball Tournament

The softball game started at 10:15am. We made a great game out of it, but fell just short with a 9-8 loss. I went for my run right afterward. The softball took a little out of me and the weather was SO THICK. I did a few pickups and ran 50-60 seconds fairly fast. I’m just trying to help my body remember that I used to do such things. At the end of this one, I was a sweaty mess.

Sunday – Planned 11 miles/Actual 11 miles!!!! 

Adding miles to my long run. I’m trying to have that same enthusaism that I first had when training for a marathon. It’s not easy. I feel like I’m doing work that I’ve already done. That can be discouraging. I had friends, so I had that going for me. At the end, I think I could have done more and it really wasn’t that bad. I’m kind of excited for the next one!

Happy to get the miles in with this crew.

2 weeks in and I’m both nervous and excited. I need to start working on speed. I won’t be satisfied until I start to get faster again. Week 3 has a track workout. That’ll be a real test.

I STILL NEED TO PICK A RACE! I have a couple of front runners, but let’s hear some ideas. It can be anywhere from December through February.



8 Replies to “? Marathon Training Week 2 Recap – Looking for “The One””

  1. Wait, why didn’t you kiss the (brand new?) shoes? I’ve not kissed mine, but I love the smell of new shoes and stick my face right where my foot goes and take a deep breath. Only before I’ve worn them of course!
    I’ve done the Higdon tempos his way and I’ve done them my way — I’d do a warm up mile, run the entire prescribed length of time at a hard pace and then run a cool down. His way is definitely easier! Not sure if it’s more effective though.

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