Things Just Got Real -Marathon Training Week 1, Day 1

It’s Monday. All that can be written has already been written about how much Mondays suck. Wanna know how to make a Monday better without taking a vacation day? How about a training plan?

Hope you can read it.

After I was finally able to run the Virginia 10 Miler course last week, I started thinking about adding some structure to my running life. Running 10 miles was a requirement that I gave myself before I would even THINK about training. Here we are…

I didn’t sign up for anything…yet. I’m just getting prepared for a December marathon. I may have one or two in mind.

I’m kinda sorta going back to my roots for this one and using the Advanced 1 plan by Hal Higdon (my first ever marathon used Hal’s novice plan). It’s a nice mix of easy miles with some hills/speedwork/tempos. The long runs are to be run SLOWLY. Hal doesn’t leave room for cross-training and that is where we split up. I’m going to keep on hitting those kettlebells 2 days a week. I’m either going to skip some Mon/Wed runs or I’ll see if I have what it takes to do both.

The peak week is 55 miles. I think I can handle that. I’ll have to look back through the history books to know what my longest week ever is. I’m guessing 55 will be it. I ain’t scared.

If anyone wants to know more about training plans and what some of this stuff means, let me know. I can talk training plans ALL DAY.

I’m starting to ramble a bit. I just want to say how happy I am that I’ve gotten to this point and I’m looking forward to getting my butt back at it. Let’s do this!!!

17 Replies to “Things Just Got Real -Marathon Training Week 1, Day 1”

  1. That sounds like a great plan! I do not blame you to continue cross training too especially with the weights. I can see eliminating cardio cross training (I never did that when I ran/trained), but weights are super important for anyone recovering from an injury or someone who doesn’t want to be injured. I think waiting until you could comfortably run 10 miles was a great decision too, not jumping into anything!

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  2. I use Higdon’s Advanced 1 plan too! I do strength training before the short easy runs on Mondays and Wednesdays (or at least, I always intend to ha.)
    Is this December marathon in Rehoboth??


      1. One of my running buddies has a goal of a marathon in every state and has been running one about every other month so far this year. He’s contemplating the one in Rehobeth. I looked it up for my dad who was interested to see if they had a half marathon as well (they do) and saw that it started at 7am… that’s a crazy early start in the cold if you ask me!

        Good luck in your training and I agree smart idea to keep the strength workouts going!


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