This Week in Life (there’s more to life than running, like Weezer concerts!)

Hooray for hump day! I actually have Friday off this week, so it’s really past hump day for me. Does a 4 day work week even HAVE a hump, Bro?

Don’t let that title fool ya. There was plenty of running last week. I finished my week with 26.8 miles (I think it was really 27, but who can argue with Strava). Speaking of Strava, if you don’t use it you should. It’s a great way to track progress and get socially involved with the active community. If you DO use it, feel free to follow me πŸ™‚

I just found out that I’ll be going to Chicago/Wisconsin with my parents in September! My parents are going to take a vacation and head out east and we’ll spend a few days together seeing a Cardinals game at Wrigley Field (a lifelong dream of mine) and then in Sheboygan, WI with relatives. I’m SO EXCITED (like Jesse Spano excited).

Friday night we had our weekly softball games. I pitched about the worst inning I’ve ever pitched. It was awful. I let one questionable call get in my mind and I couldn’t shake it. We lost both games, so I drowned my sorrows in a couple of beers with my friend Cody. Of course if we’d won, I’d have celebrated with a couple of beers with my friend Cody.

Saturday night was a first for me. I cancelled on a sitter so that I WOULDN’T have to go out for beer and a band. Times have changed. My wife and friends had a great time without me, so I heard. I had to save my strength for WEEZER.

Weezer was GREAT (as were the Pixies). They played a great combo of new stuff, old stuff and covers. They even played a REALLY old cover of the song Happy Together by the Turtles (a childhood favorite of mine). The rain didn’t stop people from hitting those lawn spots. We were living like kings and queens in the very back row of the seated sections. That beer was $17. I wish I could say it was worth that.

These are funny. Jen and I want them made into t-shirts. πŸ™‚

Well, that’s my week. See, I don’t ALWAYS talk about running. The next weekend is coming up. I hope it’s as awesome as this one was.

Anybody have any plans worth nothing?




13 Replies to “This Week in Life (there’s more to life than running, like Weezer concerts!)”

  1. HA! Your tickets were cheaper than the 90’s coverband show that I attended a few months ago. . . there was a Weezer cover band at this show. Dale’s Pale Ale used to be very popular in NYC (especially in the dive bar scene); but now, I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

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  2. That’s a crazy pricey beer! It looks like you had fun at the concert though. A few years ago Clay and I went to see a bunch of 90s bands that played here in North Charleston. Sugar Ray was one of them, and I don’t remember the rest. I’ve also seen Hootie (Darius Rucker lives here) and Everclear but haven’t seen Weezer.

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  3. OK, I really must enter the 21st Century and get on Strava. Right now, I just use a $10 sport watch to time my runs. The Weezer concert looks like it was a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

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  4. We went to Chicago for the NASCAR race a few years ago and got tickets to a game at Wrigley while we were in town, just to see Wrigley. We happened to go when they were playing the Cardinals. It was by the far the most fun I’ve had in a baseball stadium. Hope you have a blast!
    Beer prices at concert venues are a crime. I went to a show last fall and offered to buy a round of beers for myself and the other two people I went with — $46!! And I’m pretty sure the other two got Bud Light!

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