Training Plan Week 1 of ? -Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want

Good morning! I have a few hours of an airport layover to kill, so I figured I’d draw up a training plan. Here it is…

Week 1 – ?

Week 2 – ?

Week 3-? – ?

Isn’t it beautiful? I promise not to deviate from it in any way. I promise not to stress out about hitting the right paces or making sure there are enough hills or laps.

Now that I’m done with my structured running as part of my physical therapy, the world is mine. I’m not about to be tied down at my first taste of freedom.

I’m still not quite right. My baby calf tires. My lungs lack the capacity that they had before my injury. 4 miles was once a warmup and is now a long run. There’s work to be done. I’m going to joyfully do it.

I miss that speedy fella. Time to bring him back.

14 Replies to “Training Plan Week 1 of ? -Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want”

  1. All those things you’re feeling seem perfectly normal to me. The baby and the lungs need time to grow again. I’m glad you don’t have a plan for those first few weeks. Make sure to keep it that way, no matter what. Just run. Run because you CAN!

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  2. You can do it. Your first race back was great considering what you’ve been through and how much time you really had to “train”. Your body will remember what to do… you are still the same runner and a great guy Ralph. And awesome “plan” to take it day by day too!

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  3. I love running so much. Such a journey. Four miles is a warm up/four miles is a long run–I’ve been at both of those places so many times! Enjoy this time Randy–remember, there’s never really a destination, never really a finish line. Getting to be in a place where you’re reminded how grateful you are to be able to do what you love–it’s not a bad place to be in. No rush–I like your plan!

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  4. Looks like a good plan to me! The first time I ran after my half marathon in Oct. and didn’t wear my Garmin it felt so strange but nice! I love the 4 miles thing… it’s exactly how I’m feeling after barely getting in 1 run a week during track season. I had a running friend ask me about doing a half marathon on June 10th and I laughed – like um yea 6 miles would probably be my max right now and it wouldn’t be a very fast 6!

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