I Wish they all could be California Runs (not really, but sort of)

Hello and good morning. It’s odd being on west coast time. I took an unexpected trip out to be with my family when my Grandmother passed away on Monday. She was 90 years old. I have so many great memories with her. We never want to say goodbye but I can honestly say that although it’s a sad time, Grandma had lived through a tough last few years and moving on to the next life is not such a bad thing. I’m happy to be able to come home and be with my family to comfort each other and celebrate Grandma’s life.

I got into town on Wednesday evening (it was supposed to be Wednesday morning, but you know air travel) and immediately binge ate a pile of Round Table Pizza. If you’ve never had it, you should. So far, it’s been really nice. We’ve just taken it easy. Maybe after losing a family member, we gain a larger appreciation for those that we still have and realize that we don’t have forever with them here on Earth.

Yesterday, we saw the new Avengers movie (it’s awesome) and then a couple of old friends came over for some Texas Hold Em. My dad and I took all the money, so we had that going for us.

While I’m in town, I figured I might as well get a few runs in. As of today, I’m officially done with the “planned” running that has been part of my Achilles rehab. I can do whatever I want! I’ve promised pretty much everyone that I won’t get too crazy or too stupid about this. I’m going to ease back in on the miles and I’m going to run fast when I feel like it. No goals related to distance or pace, but I’m focusing on paying attention to my heart rate and to my cadence to work on being efficient.

Running in my old neighborhood. 75 degrees and BEAUTIFUL.

I love Virginia and it’s definitely home nowadays, but California has its perks. Sweat actually evaporates here! The coffee and beer are pretty good. I’m enjoying all of that while I can. I’ve been drinking Peet’s every single day. Major Dickason’s is the BEST. It tastes good, and when I drink it I feel like I can lift a bus!

I’m here until Wednesday night. Time is flying by, as it always does. I miss my family back in VA, but I’ll miss my family here in CA when I hop on that flight. I’ve been gone for 20 years now, but it’s still never that easy to leave.

Here’s to family. Cheers.




9 Replies to “I Wish they all could be California Runs (not really, but sort of)”

  1. I certainly know the feeling of having to leave family – it’s definitely hard. Glad you get some time with them and that you get to celebrate your grandmother’s life with them. Have fun in Cali!

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  2. So sorry for the loss of your grandmother. Family feels good during a time of loss. On to happier stuff…love Brew Free IPA. It’s definitely west coast style. I tried the blood orange version last year at a fun run, and have been craving it for about 10 months. We can now get Peet’s at our local grocery store (in PA), so there’s that. Maybe it will come to VA soon. Good luck with the new phase of your running!

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  3. Some of the “best” times I have had with my family have been over the days we have come together to mourn the loss of someone we love. That might sound weird at first but i think it’s as you said–we appreciate each other and the time we have together that much more. Glad you are enjoying and getting that time. x

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