The One that Got Away and a Major Case of FOMO – The Indy Mini Marathon

Disclaimer: I received a free entry (which I am unable to use) to the 2018 OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini-Marathon in Indianapolis as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Happy Friday! My weekend started today and has been off to a pretty good start. I had some quality Ben time. We went on a walk and threw sticks in the creek. We played football and he used Dr. Doom to scare me. This stuff is WAY better than being at work haha.

I want to freeze him at 2 years old. This is all happening too fast.

My weekend was supposed to be something different. The Indy Mini Half Marathon was supposed to be my destination race for 2018. I had big plans (I posted them here) I was going to kick Indy’s butt and finally get under my long-time goal of a sub 1:30 half (I ran a 1:30:07 in Farmville last year….D’Oh).

There were SO many reasons to look forward to this race!

  • I was going to drag some friends along.
  • It was going to be my first ever race as a BibRave Pro.
  • Meb, Alexi Pappas and other notable runners are there.
  • A PRable course that finishes on a race track!
  • A milk medal. I love milk.
Image result for indy mini medal 2018
Said milk medal. Now I’m thirsty.

This is a tough one to miss out on, but trying to tough it out just isn’t an option. My Achilles (and baby calf) just isn’t ready. I plan on giving this thing a shot next year.

I wish the best of luck to the runners that are taking this on tomorrow. I think they’ll have a great time. I’ll just have to do my best to keep my FOMO to a minimum and start to prepare for 2019. Like the great Happy Gilmore once said, “only 365 more days til next hockey season…gotta toughen up!”

Image result for happy gilmore hockey gif
Indy Mini 2019, here we come!!!

7 Replies to “The One that Got Away and a Major Case of FOMO – The Indy Mini Marathon”

  1. You’ll be back! I have had my share of DNS races this year too (and last year). I always try to remind myself that it will be held next year and that so many more races will come along and will be fun. I’m glad you’re able to run again and be more active at least, and I’m sure you will have some good races later in 2018 and won’t have FOMO all year… plenty of 2018 left.

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  2. Is this the one that does a lap of the track so runners can kiss the bricks at the start/finish line? Because I’ll be even more impressed when you get that sub-1:30 if you stopped to do that! Train up for that in 2019!

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